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Article about Destruction of the Middle-Class Mentioning Ron Paul

Afternoon fellow Ron Paul supporters!

I wrote an article on my financial blog about our economic woes and how the Fed, politicians and mega-corporations are eroding the middle-class and trade balance. At the end I mention that Ron Paul is the only candidate who gets it. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to pass it on!

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Watch this video of world trade center building 7.

Now those who think 911 wasn't an inside job.. Please watch this. Here is video of world trade center building 7..
Looks like a professional demolition to me..

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Free Trade = Tyranny And Genocide

Is the "Patriot Act" a Patriotic Act, or is it in fact the exact opposite?

Is the "War on Terror" a just war, or is it in reality the exact opposite.

A War of Terror rained down upon mostly innocents.

Was the "No Child Left Behind" program a sincere attempt to improve the education of our youth, or was it in fact the opposite. A diabolical policy to "Dumb them Down"?

The "War on Drugs"? I think you get the idea.

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Proof the REPUBs don't get it. Trade bill passes "House" today>jobs for all (except us)

More spending, more programs, for more of the same stuff that got us here.

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