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MODS: I would like to see

Site statistics from 2008 compared to right now.

Just to see how the movement has grown.

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Heads' UP! Reno Air Show Crash 4:45PM Friday, 9/16

Local News reporting a Mustang airplane crash at the Reno Air Races with the airport being evacuated and emergency crews being called in.

If you plan on attending any of the festivities tonight at the Grand Sierra, be aware of possible rush hour traffic plus complications because of the problem. Please go and support Dr. Paul, but give yourself extra time and allow for traffic, etc. Might not be a problem at all, but better to be aware... Our best thoughts to the pilot and other people possibly involved.

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How to get a link from

If we have a breaking or exclusive story that is newsworthy enough and enough of us send the link to Drudge he may link us. DailyPaul is the most user friendly site for Ron Paul related anything on the net. Plus.. we are just really cool and one day of traffic from Drudge could boost Ron immensely.

Drudge is our best ally we have in media. stats:


031,021,989 IN PAST 24 HOURS
900,957,165 IN PAST 31 DAYS
9,880,330,009 IN PAST YEAR

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DailyPaul Statistics

I would love to see the traffic stats for DailyPaul be published monthly. Are we getting new users? How many? What is the avg. time spent on site? Bounce rate?

If this information is already available I'd appreciate a link.


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