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Is China Ready to Pull the Plug?

There are two mainstream market assumptions that, in my mind, prevail over all others. The continuing function of the Dow, the sustained flow of capital into and out of the banking sector, and the full force spending of the federal government are ALL entirely dependent on the lifespan of these dual illusions; one, that the U.S. Dollar is a legitimate safe haven investment and will remain so indefinitely, and two, that China, like many other developing nations, will continue to prop up the strength of the dollar indefinitely because it is “in their best interest”.

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J.P. Morgan is foreclosing on the U.S. Treasury

I am not making this up. Hat tip reader Deontos.

Here is the high level story: JP Morgan Chase and Northwest Trust foreclosed on a property in Hillsboro, Oregon. Treasury (more accurately, the IRS) has a tax lien on the property

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SHTF - 10 year Treasury yield hits all time low - gold record high

Rush to "safety"...

Ten year US bonds paying 2 percent - lowest in history
Gold up $32 - new record high
Dow Jones Industrials down 400 points
Foreign markets down 3 to 6 percent

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