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Ron Paul's New Campaign Strategy: "You Can Only TRUST ME."

Okay, I'm writing this at 2:30 am, just got back to Miami, I was at Tampa at the Tea Party debate watch party. The whole damn event was a neocon breeding ground. For the most part, they were just Bush-lovin' Conservatives who feel special because they're apart of the Constitution-esque movement called the Tea Party. They just enjoy being pissed off about something, that's how I summed up the atmosphere having been surrounded by them all for a good 4 hours...

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Ron Paul new ad discussed on Howard Stern Show.

Robin Quivers, Howard's news side kick, played clips from Ron Paul's new ad. This is a great sign.

Send a quick email to the show to say thanks. They might then get the idea of how big his support is and will discuss him even more.

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