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TSA Rolls Out Intelligence Gathering Scheme at Airports

By Kurt Nimmo

The TSA insists citizens can possibly avoid cancer-causing naked body scanners and sexual molestation pat-downs if they elect to divulge personal information to the government.

“A select group of travelers may find it easier Tuesday getting through security checkpoints at four major U.S. airports in return for voluntarily providing more personal information to the federal government as part of a new pilot program,” the Associated Press reports.

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Petition To Abloish The TSA Appears On White House's Website


Article about the petition:


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TSA Petition

This is a petition on "WeThePeople", that supports abolishing the TSA. We should all sign this!

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Who Watches the Watchers?

In my infrequent travels, I have noted that TSA agents routinely pass from the outside/ticketing area to the 'sterile' gate area without enduring the standard screening/groping. I have noted this to other travelers, and they have responded with puzzled looks and comments such as ", well, it's the TSA...if you can't trust them, who can you trust?" I ask them: who watches the watchers?


The false 'security theater' of the TSA is worse than no security at all.

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Reason for TSA scans? Who can spot the problem with the picture?

Who can see the problems with this picture? It's laughable that this is the best they can do.

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Woman Strip-Searched AFTER Plane Lands Safely


So the FBI and TSA are now strip searching innocent passengers after the plane lands safely. It doesn't matter if it was the 9/11 anniversary, as every day of the year is the anniversary of some evil that happened somewhere.

I think I have a solution to all of this...

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Trevor Lyman: Did Rand Paul just argue for a TSA citizen database?

"When speaking about potential alternative solutions to TSA “strip searching” and 4th amendment violations for the very young and old Rand Paul suggests a frequent flyer government database as a means of helping along the screening process. No way Rand Paul!"


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Police and TSA agents assisted and took bribes in oxycodone drug smuggling ring!

STAMFORD -- Three Transportation Security Administration agents allowed a drug trafficker to smuggle tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prescription painkillers from Florida to Connecticut on domestic flights in exchange for hundreds of dollars in bribes, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut said Tuesday.

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TSA-Morning Express

Anyone with Facebook please help me in informing Ms.Meade and those who listen to her, why this is still wrong.
I have read some of the remarks..I can not believe some think its great..and others say they dont care if TSA checks their children.

Morning Express with Robin Meade

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Best Video Yet of Why Ron Paul..

Ron Paul:
The Only One We Can Trust


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Debate Ammo - TSA creater calls for it to be dismantled

They’ve been accused of rampant thievery, spending billions of dollars like drunken sailors, groping children and little old ladies, and making everyone take off their shoes.


But the real job of the tens of thousands of screeners at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is to protect Americans from a terrorist attack.

Yet a decade after the TSA was created following the September 11 attacks, the author of the legislation that established the massive agency grades its performance at “D-.”

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