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OWS = Obama front group Moveon.org

While I care about 5% of what the socialist occupying wall street have to say, especially when they are spewing wealth redistribution/anti-liberty nonsense, it is important to note that they are in "solidarity" with Unions and, yes MoveOn.org.

Don't waste your time with these people.

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Unions: Right-to-work laws

What is your position of right to work laws?

Does anyone know Ron Paul's official position?

The Libertarian Party is against right to work laws, here is a section of their platform:

"2.7 Labor Markets

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Competitive Enterprise Institute Web Site Measues Union Power in Each State

Policymakers who are ambitious to fight back against union power could benefit from a new tool that ranks each state in terms of how much political clout is exerted by organized labor at taxpayer expense.

In August, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), in partnership with Crossroads GPS, launched the Big Labor vs. Taxpayers Index, which contrasts each state on the basis of specific criteria used to measure the influence of government unions. The index is available at CEI’s WorkplaceChoice.org site.


Full Report is below at the Pelican Institute

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BREAKING: Port violence in Washington spreads throughout West coast

Food wars? Wildcat strikes have hit ports all along the west coast with reports coming from as far south as California after violence erupted in Longview, Washington. Grain is spilled along a mile-long length of railroad track. At risk of offending folks, it is well to note that unions often resort to violence.

See story here:

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This man warmed the crowd up for our current POTUS?

[So this was sanctioned and approved by the WH - they used to hide their affiliation with thugs - now it is flaunted - tragic.]

Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa had some profane, combative words for Republicans while warming up the crowd for President Obama in Detroit, Michigan on Monday.

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Walker's Blowback: Wisconsin Town Bars Republicans From Labor Day Parade

Monday, August 29, 2011 at 11:18 AM
In previous years, Republicans have worked the parade route, but this year they will not be allowed to take part. The parade is organized by local unions, which said Wisconsin Republicans "have openly attacked worker's rights."

Wisconsin politics — which hasn't been pretty of late — has made its way into a local Labor Day parade. The organizers of the Wausau Labor Day parade announced they would not let Republican lawmakers take part in the Sept. 5 display. The parade is organized by 30 local unions.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

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