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American Patriot and Oath Keeper!

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Today, Monday, October 10, 2011, marks the 16th anniversary when SPC Michael New stood his ground to honor the oath he took to defend the U.S.A. not the foreign UN!


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A wonderful video on the impact of Economic Freedom

I came across this short, but important and professional Ron Paul relevant video on youtube tonight. It is about 2 and half minutes long and discusses the benefits of having an economically free country. The first thing that came to mind when I saw it was of course, Ron Paul. Considering this is precisely the platform that our man endorses, I thought it would be nice to share on the DP for those that haven't seen it. It's fairly new, so I hope it hasn't been posted before or seen by everyone already. Let me know what you think!


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Ron Paul supporters should never use the term liberal to defend our stances

All this does is create division and gives power to the game that is designed to defeat us. I see Ron Paul supporters in blogs constantly going on the offense by attacking the liberal position, it creates a division exactly the way they want us to create. If you support Ron Paul, please be cautious in using words that categorize people into another group. We aren't against liberals, we are against people that don't believe in the Constitution. When we push someone into a liberal category, we immediately put them on the defensive and the offensive at the same time.

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Crimes of the UN

3 year old article focusing on the brutal criminality and corruption at work in the UN.

Unspeakable crimes, people should go to jail but they will not.

incl. UN ambulance transporting Palestinian armed forces in 2004.

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United States (USA) as a Semi-Failed State

"A semi-failed state is a country whose government maintains all the trappings and appearances of power, legitimacy, and control. Its army and police are integral and operative. Its institutions function. Its government and parliament promulgate laws and its courts enforce them. It is not challenged by any competing military structures within its recognized borders.

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