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Video: Long Line to Meet Dr. Paul at Values Voter Summit 2011

The MSM says all the Paul supporters at the Values Voter summit were bussed in, but how many buses would it take to bring in all these people:

I count well over 200 just waiting to see him. Do they have any proof they were all bussed in? No way.

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CBS Writes Unconscionable Hit Piece In Covering Ron Paul's Victory - Our Boycott in Response

This is truly pathetic. It is about as low as we've seen one of the major networks stoop in their coverage of Dr. Paul--and this isn't even TV coverage (which, compared with the online content is usually the worse of the two). Note how ridiculously baseless the charges are and the inflammatory headline (trending # 3). Also notice that they even resorted to such shameless tactics as picking out a one-line, incoherent sentence from Dr.

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FRC Poll - Issues Important to Americans

After reading about Ron Paul's great victory at the Values Voter Summit hosted by FRC (Family Research Council), I noticed and participated in a poll they had on their website.

Poll Question:

Which issue is the most important in determining your choice of candidate to support?

Results as of 5:00pm, 10/8/11:

9% Abortion
4% Protecting One Man One Women Marriage
8% Repealing Obamacare
1% Permanent Tax Relief for Families
4% Protecting Religious Liberty
13% Government Spending
1% Immigration
4% Education
2% National Security

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Values Voter Summit – Paul Trumps the Establishment, Again

One was like a carnival, the other like a morgue – speaking of the stark contrast in room atmospheres for the speeches of presidential candidates Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, respectively. Both were making their cases before the reconvened Values Voter Summit on Saturday morning, where five of their Republican competitors had addressed the conference yesterday.

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The Hill : Conservative Crowd Roars For Ron Paul

The Hill : Conservative Crowd Roars For Ron Paul

Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Texas) and his libertarian message received a raucous welcome from the socially conservative crowd at the Values Voter Summit on Saturday morning.


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Values Voter Summit Oct 7-8 in DC - See RP & Vote in the Poll! Discounted Tickets

The event is coming up October 7-9 in DC. Ron Paul is a confirmed speaker, along with a lot of neocon fodder.

Dr. Paul emailed asking that us to attend. We need to get back to winning these straw polls. We didn't win Iowa, we didn't win Florida, so let's win Values.

The campaign has tickets for $10, vs the regular price of $99! Just register at

We made a HUGE showing at CPAC in DC a few months ago, so why not do the same for Values?

*Quick note* This event is considered more conservative than CPAC, and our goal here is to win some respect for Dr. Paul and his campaign. He specifically asked us to "dress appropriately." Inside the beltway, at events like this, that means shirts, ties, suits, that sort of thing. I wore a tie, but no suit, to CPAC and felt under-dressed.

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