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The Three Keys to a Ron Paul Victory

1. Internet- This has been our greatest tool in this uphill battle, we must continue to use this medium to its fullest. Forum posts, Polls, comment sections of articles; we all need to triple our efforts. I recommend everyone here at the forums register to all the major online news msm websites so you can comment and interject the real issues.

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Perhaps the best article about Ron Paul, media exclusion, & the most remarkable grass roots support in American history

I don't know if this has been posted yet but I found this to be the most interesting and well written article about Ron Paul's campaign. You can thank my buddy Lonnie who was kind enough to send it to me

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Ron Paul has to take out Rick Perry

If Ron Paul is going to win this election he has to do things to convince mainstream Republicans why they should support him

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Supporter Fear of Ron Paul's Victory & His Being Scapegoated

Hi friends in liberty,

I wonder if any of you have heard this fear of Ron Paul's 2012 victory:

The fear that Ron Paul's presidential victory would be a way for the powers that be to completely collapse the system and then more easily be able to scapegoat Ron Paul's ideas and the free markets in general.

Has anyone heard this fear expressed in the movement?

I believe Tom Woods said something moronic to this effect, and I personally just heard a few big name backers privately express this same fear to me.

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Volunteers are needed for RP Delegate Training

We need a Ron Paul Patriot to step up and run a twitter account for the site,
We have an account, and its ready for action:

Should we fail to secure enough delegates for the caucus states, and votes in the primary states, Ron Paul will have lost the election! We can't have that happen! A twitter account with a strong leader would be ideal for spreading this vital information.

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