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Interview of Dubya

Thought this ABC interview would give some more incentive to donate to the Ron Paul cause considering those on this video clip including one with the initials: G.S.


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If you don't understand occupy Wall St. - updated with video OF END OF march

Then you need to attend an event, and find out what the people are saying.

I just got back from Occupy Boston 10/08/2011, and I can tell you that the people there are as varied as our society. Sure there were some leftists, who wanted to eradicate student debt, basically saying that we owe them an education. But the biggest thing that impressed me, was that the vast majority of the people in attendance, who wanted to End the Fed, and End the Wars. bring our troops home, and start investing in this country.

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Ron Paul End The Wars MARCH. 1,000,000+ Americans standing together.

All these protests going on nationwide show how the people are ready to buck the system. Ron should capitalize on this & come out and set a date for all of his supporters & people who disagree with these wars to march in DC. Ron could show his leadership abilities & show how he can bring different races, religions & beliefs together for one common goal...to end these wars!!!

He really needs to push the anti-war stance & this would be the biggest way to accomplish it! This could be an even that would go down in history as a pivotal point in American politics!

Spread this idea folks!!!

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2/3rds of American military personnel say wars not worth it

Not only do our Military men and women say that the wars are not worth it, they also say the reason why we have terrorism is because we throw our military might around.


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Polls: Americans Want Our Liberties Restored, Our Troops Brought Home and the Federal Reserve Reined In

Preface: This essay is not intended as an endorsement (or non-endorsement) of Ron Paul. Rather, it is intended to demonstrate why Ron Paul is becoming so popular, despite being virtually ignored by the mainstream media. Had Obama followed the American people’s wishes – as revealed by the poll numbers cited below – he would easily win re-election.


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How Many USA Interventions Since 1890 - Ron Paul Set to Star Wars Music!

Ron Paul - How Many USA Interventions Since 1890 - Set to Star Wars Music!
Packed with info you might not know!


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A Birthday Present



This anti-war video is actually a compilation of two music videos combined into one. The first part is beautiful and the second part touched my soul and brought tears to my eyes.

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Ron Paul’s View On Foreign Occupations Supported By US Troops

Ignoring the facts, establishment media smears Congressman as “defending Al-Qaeda”

The establishment media is once again attempting to smear Ron Paul as anti-American following Paul’s simple observation during the debate last night that foreign occupations increase the risk of terrorist attacks, when in reality the Texan Congressman’s views are endorsed by US military personnel more than any other Republican candidate.

Read More:


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Military wife describes how her husband committed suicide

State Of The Soldier Forum Ashley Joppa-Hagemann
Military wife describes how her husband committed suicide in June to avoid another 8th or 9th tour of duty in Afghanistan. After so many times literally begging for help from "the system. ". He was one of five soldiers a month, killing themselves at the same base JBLM.


Widow confronts Donald Rumsfeld at his book signing


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Is it time for an "End the Wars" campaign like the 1960s and 1970s?

This one issue alone could put Ron Paul in the White House because most of the people are tired of the wars which are bankrupting US!

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Salon.com's Alex Pareene distorting Ron Paul's stance on the issues

I think the title pretty much explains it. He's giving a "worse case scenario" of a Ron Paul presidency. Can we blow up his comments section and correct the misinformation he's spreading? Here's the link to the article: http://www.salon.com/news/ron_paul/index.html?story=/politic...

I'm not familiar with fair use laws otherwise I would've posted an excerpt.

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Ron Paul & Mike Maloney On Gold and Silver (Flashback)

Ron Paul has always been true to himself, principle and ideal. He explains to us the big picture how we affect the world by our monetary policy. And where we are heading. If we could have listen with him back in 2007. We will be in much better shape now and perhaps on our way to recovery. We still have so much thing to do as nation. The better we are informed the better our chances of changing our fate.


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