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The American Debt Crisis – How Big? How Bad? How to Protect Yourself

Doug Casey of Casey Research

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The dismal state of the US economy and out-of-control government spending affects every American’s life and wealth. In our free online event, The American Debt Crisis – How Big? How Bad? How to Protect Yourself, five Casey Research experts were joined by guests John Mauldin, Mike Maloney and Lew Rockwell to discuss the potential for a breakdown in the monetary system, and specific ways to protect and build your assets.

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Will Barron's Mag. Slam Obama Over Personal Treasury Holdings?

seems like the pres. now has over $2 million as of 2011 in treasuries according to cnn who called them "super safe" lol.

so, obama's treasury holdings are going up in value to coincide with his policies; the exact opposite of what dr. paul is trying to do by supporting policy that would hurt his own investments. by obama encouraging his buddy bernanke to buy treasuries the yields have dropped and the prices have risen.

when will the media call obummer out for making money off of his profligacy? this is what barron's was accusing dr. paul of doing.

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Tax the Rich - Pros and Cons - What's Warren Buffet Thinking?

Nice summary of the problems caused by taxing the rich:

The following essay is presented as an educational service of the Downsize DC Foundation ... http://www.downsizedcfoundation.org/blog/how-warren-buffett-...

By Jim Babka, Perry Willis, and James Wilson

On Monday, August 15, billionaire Warren Buffett argued in an op-ed http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/15/opinion/stop-coddling-the-... for the The New York Times that his taxes should be raised. He claimed that giving the Federal State more of his money would be a good thing.

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