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FOX News is Relenting: Chris Wallace says, "Send Us Your Ron Paul e-mails!"

The Values Voter Straw Poll win is paying off in MSM credibility towards Ron Paul.

It's getting them to finally speak the truth that they've always known.

Brit Hume: "Who has the base with the most enthusiatic supporters? The answer is easy, it's Ron Paul! And if you know Ron Paul -- I've known him for a long time -- it's understandable. He's a very nice man. A VERY nice man!


Let's edit and re-work this!

My main interest in the video is to edit the parts that work for Ron Paul into another video.

I sent it to two of the best videographers on DP and am waiting to see what they can do.

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MODS: I would like to see

Site statistics from 2008 compared to right now.

Just to see how the movement has grown.

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I told you before Uncle Sam is Reading everything you post

I told you how HB Gary software was being used by the Air Force to infiltrate Social Media sites Here is My proof along with info from Zerohedge.com


Here is what I personally know about it. They infiltrated my Ron Paul Meet-Up site.Following please find a message which I
think deserves immediate attention. I've just read this email
-- at least the first major part of it -- and I suggest you
check out Cruise Carter immediately. Or, is he someone you
already know? I ask because you made him an assistant

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Petition To Abloish The TSA Appears On White House's Website


Article about the petition:


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Funny RP 2012 Picture

I'm not sure if this should go in off topic or not, but I found this hysterical picture that I wanted to share with the DP crowd about the 2012 campaign...

The internet saavy of us will get it (I hope).


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