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Iowa State Daily: Under Paul presidency, welfare programs safe for those already dependent

Hey everyone--I'm a regular at RPF's and the author of this excellent article on Ron Paul can be helped with some traffic: http://iowastatedaily.com/opinion/article_19443056-ec6b-11e0...

He had this to say in appreciation on RonPaulForums:


Thanks again for the positive attention on the article! It hasn't made the Daily Paul yet, and I expect the website hits will spike when it does. As always, don't forget to comment, re-tweet and recommend. In a web driven world these things are prime indicators of journalistic success for editors.

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Tax Dollars @ Work

Warning: strong language NSFW

Chapter - It's Free Swipe Yo EBT (Explicit)

Interview on the song.

Enjoy seeing where you tax dollars go ;)


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Ron Paul: I Will Preserve Medicare

Rep. Ron Paul is not going to take away your Medicare.

That’s what the Republican congressman from Texas told a room full of senior citizens in Concord, N.H. Friday night.

“I would try to preserve it,” said Paul at a small assisted living community.

Health care was one of the top concerns of those in the room, who asked Paul to explain his view that churches and voluntary institutions could take over the delivery of medicine.

Paul said that the solution is not to close everything overnight.


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Welfare = Homeless Man with Gun Demanding Your Money

I just realized what welfare is, in essence.

It is a homeless man with a gun pointed at your head, demanding you give him your money because he is suffering.

In government, welfare is politicians forcing you to give up your money for those who are suffering, and if you don't you will suffer legal retaliation, and those laws are enforced by police officers with guns, who will use them if necessary if you do not comply.

Welfare = Homeless Man with Gun Demanding Your Money

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Ayn Rand a Welfare Leech?

Reason (libertarian magazine): http://reason.com/blog/2011/01/30/rand-on-the-dole

The writer of this piece argues that Rand was not being a hypocrite for using Social Security and Medicare because she was forced by the government to pay into it.

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Is the United States a True Ally of Israel?

Question: How much money does the United States give to Israel on an anual basis?

Question: How much money does the United States give to all the Arab nations put together?

What is wrong with this picture?
Many things I know...but perhaps Dr. Paul needs to discuss this by painting a picture in the audiences mind.

Are we truly helping Israel by giving all the neighboring Arab countries millions of dollars?

A 30 minute infomercial (alaRossPerot) with son Rand would be a great way to inform the public. Do it in segments using chalk boards and/or computer illustrations.

Go Ron Go!

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Lol @ CNN "Government aid keeps millions out of poverty"

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Without help from the federal government, millions more people would have sunk below the poverty line in 2010, U.S. Census data shows.

Should say "Without the federal reserve facilitating inflation, economic bubbles and transferring the nation's wealth to DC lobbyists, millions more people would have a prosperous income."


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Response to my idiot neo-con, new deal democrat friend.

....Yeah, being a bully has it's advantages. You get things, and people occasionally do what you want. I gotta start refuting some of your claims now though. This has gone too far. First, how are you going to pay your troops? How are you going to pay your FEMA's, EPA's, Medicares, etc.? When you start paying your soldiers with money that can't buy shit, are they gonna do any work for you? Are EPA employees going to go to work for free? It seems you, and many others, have not grasped this idea fully yet. Unless you believe that everyone will work for the "good of the nation".

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New video on the Constitution's "General Welfare" clause

This video came about because of a comment by some guy named "Dave" on Tom Woods' excellent website, TomWoods.com. I thought it deserved a video:

Billy the Teenage Stoner and the Constitution

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