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Government issues secret orders to get WikiLeaks email data

The US government used a secret court order to obtain information on the email accounts of WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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Outdated Electronic Communications Privacy Act Puts 4th Amendment Rights at Risk

New member, first post...hopefully this isn't old news to the DP crew:

"The U.S. government obtained a controversial type of secret court order to force Google Inc. and small internet provider Inc. to turn over information from the email accounts of a WikiLeaks volunteer."

The Wikileaks supporter has not been charged with any wrongdoing, the target of the order received no notification that they've been targeted, and the government had only to show "reasonable grounds" that the information to be obtained would be "relevant and material" to an probable cause needed.

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HR: Al Jazeera Chief Resigns After Wikileaks Reveals Close U.S. Ties

Wadah Khanfar, the director-general of Al Jazeera, has resigned after eight years of leading the network. His departure comes on the heels of a release by whistleblowing website WikiLeaks of U.S. diplomatic cables that implied that Khanfar was open to changing editorial content at the request of U.S. authorities.

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Wikileaks - Al Jazeera Chief Linked to the CIA

Press the cc button on the player in order to view the translation...

Wikileaks links Al-Jazeera and its administration to the CIA through periodic collaboration between the two sides in addition to Al-Jazeera's readiness to fulfill the American demands and its commitment to prevent the publications or broadcasts that contain any materials that may be considered against the US...

The documents mentioned for instance, but not limited to how Al-Jazeera complied with the US demands through Khanfar...

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Glenn Greenwald: Welcome to Orwell's America, Where it's Always 1984

By Glenn Greenwald

A strikingly good piece of investigative journalism from Associated Press finds that accusations about the damage done by WikiLeaks' latest release are -- yet again -- wildly overstated and without any factual basis. These most recent warnings have centered on WikiLeaks' exposure of diplomatic sources whom the released cables indicated should be "strictly protected." While unable to examine all of the names in the cables, AP focused on the ones "the State Department seemed to categorize as most risky." It found that many of them are "comfortable with their names in the open and no one fearing death."

In particular, many of these super-secret sources were "already dead, their names cited as sensitive in the context of long-resolved conflicts or situations" while "some have publicly written or testified at hearings about the supposedly confidential information they provided the U.S. government." Like the Pentagon before them, even the State Department -- which has "been scouring the documents since last year to find examples where sources are exposed and inform them that they may be 'outed'" -- is unable to provide any substantiation for its shrill, public denunciations of WikiLeaks and its "dire" warnings about the "grave danger" caused by publication of these cables:

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WikiLeaks drops Bombshell on Gold Market; GATA right again!

With an avalanche of ever-tantalizing news stories and upcoming nail-biting scheduled officialdom events in both Europe and the U.S. all hitting the gold market at once in September, discerning the story that could propel some distance from Jim Sinclair’s exosphere target of $1,764 in the gold price weighs heavily in favor of the WikiLeaks story and its potential explosive impact on the price of gold from today $1,900 print to Sinclair’s ultimate target of $12,000+.

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WikiLeaks : "China Buying Gold To Destroy The Dollars Worlds Reserve Status"

WikiLeaks : "China Buying Gold To Destroy The Dollars Worlds Reserve Status"

Wondering why gold at $1850 is cheap, or why gold at double that price will also be cheap, or frankly at any price? Because, as the following leaked cable explains, gold is, to China at least, nothing but the opportunity cost of destroying the dollar’s reserve status. Putting that into dollar terms is, therefore, impractical at best, and illogical at worst.

Continue Here:

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Did Wikileaks Drop The Bomb!

This could be HUGE....!! Supposedly dropped the WHOLE LOT!

about half way down the page... Have not confirmed
or downloaded info yet but the tech heads will probably bring this into the mainstream with hours hopefully.

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WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head

This is very sad. But getting the word out about things like this help show that we have no business being there and that it is damaging to our image and we are actively creating blowback.

A U.S. diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks suggests that U.S. troops executed at least 10 Iraqi civilians, including a woman in her 70s and a 5-month-old infant, then called in an airstrike to destroy the evidence, during a controversial 2006 incident in the central Iraqi town of Ishaqi.

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An Open Letter to the Left by Tim Dobbins

To the Left, From a Leftist: Some Remarks on the 2012 Election

I'll get right to the point. I'm concerned about the 2012 presidential elections, mainly, for two reasons: 1) although Obama promised change, we have yet to witness it—rather in domestic or foreign affairs—and to believe that he can actually deliver on his word is a belief built on sentimental clichés and one void of any intellectual analysis; and 2) the thought of Perry or Bachmann entering the White House may actually induce many to hold the unsubstantiated, sentimentally-backed beliefs previously mentioned.

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