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Can Someone Edit or Create a Wikipedia Page Stating Who Won the Debates according to the online polls?

I was just on wikipedia and looking at when the next debates were going to be held when I saw that it didn't mention who the winners were according to the online polls. I think Ron has won them all from what I understand and I'm thinking we should try and edit the website concerning who won the debates???

This is the website I want to edit:,_2012

Can someone fish up the information we need to show he won every debate according to all the online polls and not according to the MSM polls alone???

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Campaign Responds to Fake Rhetoric : we have Ron's back, Wikipedia Next:

There is a ongoing effort to get our message out. We began with the Tea Party, then Meet Ups, Straw Polls, comments and emails galore.

Wikipedia is Next: We have no control of the MSM. There is so much that can be done to clean up and monitor Ron Pauls site.

The 'favorites' have very week points that can be exploited with edits to Wikipedia. We can respond just as easily to the fake RP's attacks.

Read this,

Rick Perry and his supporters this week are firing back at Paul's Reagan-repudiating record, quoting from his 1987 resignation letter from the Republican Party

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