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FOX News is Relenting: Chris Wallace says, "Send Us Your Ron Paul e-mails!"

The Values Voter Straw Poll win is paying off in MSM credibility towards Ron Paul.

It's getting them to finally speak the truth that they've always known.

Brit Hume: "Who has the base with the most enthusiatic supporters? The answer is easy, it's Ron Paul! And if you know Ron Paul -- I've known him for a long time -- it's understandable. He's a very nice man. A VERY nice man!


Let's edit and re-work this!

My main interest in the video is to edit the parts that work for Ron Paul into another video.

I sent it to two of the best videographers on DP and am waiting to see what they can do.

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Hank Williams Junior and PC

Hank Jr. and the Holiday Inn syndrome: likes breaking thing up physcially and politically.

If the ESPN politically sensitive bosses are so concerned about hurting their viewers' feelings of things political (although the bloody game of football; bruised and bloody human bodies is totally ok with them. And the more crippled the better) but according to the PC suits at ESPN: don't hurt the viewers' sensitivities with politics!

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Juan Williams on Fox Special Report Online

Skip the blabla and go to 22.11. Juan Williams again defending Ron Paul, slams Cain.
Williams is indeed fair and balanced.


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Did I just hear NBC's Brian Williams say. Oh ! He did!

He believes Iraq was an "elective" war. That emotions gave Bush a blank check. I guess he'll be forced into retirement soon.


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For those that wanna see what Lindsey Williams said 1986

Lindsey Williams on Jonathan May - Plans of the International Bankers for the World 1986.

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

Part 4

Part 5

A Pretty interesting presentation a long time ago. A faster pretty snappy Lindsey for those that think he nowadays is not getting to the point. Ron was also snappier in younger years.

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Would it make sense to hire Walter E. Williams?

With the light rumblings of the racism charges starting up again toward the Tea Party movement and the recent rise in attempts to cast our Liberty movement and Ron Paul as not caring for people, hiring Walter E. Williams to speak for the campaign on economics and the welfare system just seems like a good idea.

Does anyone else agree?


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Interesting Juan Williams Interview

...with the Daily Bell. No mention of Dr. Paul, but Juan strikes me as honest as has stuck up for him a few times that I know of. The interview seems to confirm my thoughts, what do you think?


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