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As Long As Someone BESIDES Ron Paul Wins A Straw Poll

I was watching the all amazing FAIR AND BALANCED fox news and it doesn't shock me AT ALL anymore as to how biased this so called news network really is.

I love how they state that the msm isn't allowing Ron Paul to SURGE from his straw poll wins unlike cain and the others.

Does fox really think that WE believe that THEY are not the msm? Does fox really think that THEY are actually fair and balanced or are ALL the reporters that crooked as human beings and will do or say ANYTHING just to collect a paycheck?

How was bachmanns straw poll win different from rons?

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Here It Is!! RP Off-The-Charts Media Response to Value Voter Win

This is the gem to post all over the web.

Ron Paul Wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll!! (Media Coverage)

And don't forget...
The Awakening of a Generation: Ron Paul 2012

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Cain wins one straw poll and he is Top Tier? *FoxNews*

Top Story - "The New GOP Top Three"

Herman Cain wins one straw poll and is now considered top tier by Fox News?!?!

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Fox News-Google Debate Gets 20,000 Viewer Questions

Two softball questions that Ron Paul can hit out of the park!

"The hottest topic is immigration, and it was the topic of the most popular submitted question:
"With so many people waiting years if not decades to enter this country legally, why do we give illegals so many benefits, like free health care, schooling, and in-state-tuition while denying these things to American citizens and legal residents?"

"Another hot topic is government spending and debt.

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Yahoo News - Ron Paul Wins the Barry Manilow Nod

• Ron Paul gained a particularly vocal new supporter in Barry Manilow. (Daily Caller)

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