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If Ron Paul had been President in 1914, the Holocaust Would Never Have Happened

I often encounter articles seeking to support America’s worldwide military interventionism by asking non-interventionists like Dr. Paul “What would you have done about Hitler?!”

I suggest the best response is to point out that if Dr. Paul had been President instead of Woodrow Wilson, there would never

have BEEN a Hitler. I invite you to evaluate my argument, and would love to receive your comments. I'm hoping this can become a widespread and effective counter to those who would use the Hitler question as a rhetorical cudgel against Dr. Paul.

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Latest Lusitania expedition was 'very useful'

Looks as though we're getting closer to the truth about what the Lusitania was carrying when sunk by the Germans in 1915. I questioned the official story on this one when I first read about it grade school decades ago. Apparently the official story never sat well with Gregg Bemis either.


Asked if the most recent dive found more evidence of military ordnance aboard the Lusitania, Bemis said he was restricted from discussing it.

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