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Video: Tom Woods on Ron Paul's foreign policy


Tom Woods lays out a great argument for any conservative who finds issue with Ron Paul's foreign policy. A must watch for anyone who says, "I like Ron Paul, but if don't like his foreign policy"

Spread this around. Send it to your family and friends. Tom has such a great way of gently persuading.

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Tom Woods defends Ron Paul against critics who say he has misread the Constitution

Tom Woods defends Ron Paul against critics who say he has misread the Constitution in holding that the federal government may make nothing other than gold and silver legal tender.


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The Secret Money Bombs Don't Stop.

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A New Book Written by Liberty Candidates Inspired by Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

A New Book Written by Liberty Candidates Inspired by Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to be Released at LibertyFest NYC on 9/10/11
Bringing liberty back to NYC for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 is a new book aimed at inspiring new champions of liberty and a fun party to showcase what liberty is all about! "How to Run for Office on a Liberty Platform", written by Liberty Candidates and edited by Gigi Bowman and Sally O'Boyle will have it's opening release date on 9/10/11 at LibertyFest NYC!

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Tom Woods and Mike Church take your questions LIVE online - LFnyc.com

Tom Woods and Mike Church will be taking your questions LIVE
Tuesday, September 6th at the LibertyFest NYC website

Mike Church starts at 7:pm ET

Tom Woods starts at 9:pm ET

This is a special preview event for LibertyFest NYC where both Mike and Tom will be speaking.

LibertyFest NYC tickets are on sale now
Tom Woods
Mike Church
Jack Hunter
Sheriff Mack
Jordan Page
and many more


LibertyFest NYC takes place in Manhattan 9/10/11 from 5-11pm

Buy tickets direct here

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New video on the Constitution's "General Welfare" clause

This video came about because of a comment by some guy named "Dave" on Tom Woods' excellent website, TomWoods.com. I thought it deserved a video:

Billy the Teenage Stoner and the Constitution

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Thank You Mark Levin and Jeffrey Lord!

With the release of the caustic article by Jeffrey Lord in the American Spectator, and further whetted by the wily and cantankerous talking head Mark Levin, conservative thought in foreign policy has been brought to the forefront. Levin and Lord, in their ex-cathedra pronouncement, have claimed a sin has been committed by the sly Ron Paul, who, it is asserted, is surreptitiously holding on to liberal views while claiming to be a conservative.

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Mark Levin's Jejune Attacks on Jack Hunter and Mike Church

Mark Levin is at it again. Boy, is this man pretentious or what? His intellect in "debate" is like that between two five year olds arguing over pieces of candy on the playground. You will notice the smears, the name calling, the lack of substance, basically a childish reply. This is the man who refused to debate Tom Woods. If he's so tough, so big and haughty, he would certainly wipe the floor with Tom Woods, right? Or Kevin Gutzman? No, he just retreats and smears, retreats and smears, recycle and do again.

To Jack Hunter:


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Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman will respond to the American Spectator article on Mike Church tomorrow

Tommorrow on Mike Church's radio show, Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman will respond to Jeffrey Lord’s article in the American Spectator about Ron Paul. They will be on at 8:30am ET.


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Woods/Gutzman Defend Ron Paul on Mike Church

UPDATE: Heres the MP3


August, 23rd

Woods/Gutzman to Defend Ron Paul on Mike Church

"Kevin Gutzman and I will be on the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot 125 tomorrow (8/24/11) at 8:30am ET to discuss Jeffrey Lord’s anti-Ron Paul article in the American Spectator. It’s going to be ugly and fun at the same time, folks.

If you don’t subscribe to Sirius/XM, you can listen in by signing up for a free Internet-only trial. "

Continue Here: http://www.tomwoods.com/blog/woodsgutzman-to-defend-ron-paul...

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LibertyFest NYC 19 days away! - Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, Sheriff Mack & many more - LFnyc.com


Don't miss out on one of the biggest Liberty events of the year. LibertyFest NYC is less than 3 weeks away!

Speakers & performers include

Tom Woods
Jack Hunter
Sheriff Mack
Adam Kokesh
Stefan Molyneux
Jordan Page
NYC Councilman Dan Halloran
Mike Church
Scott Horton
Neal Fox
Wes Benedict
and many more

Visit http://lfnyc.com for more info

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