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Foster's wrong on Ron Paul

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fosters recent editorial would have you think that Ron Paul is naive; that in defending the rule of law for American citizens at home and abroad, he would abdicate responsibility for national defense of this country, repeating the profound mistakes of the U. K. s Neville Chamberlain in World War II.

The naivete is indeed thick, but not on Pauls side of the argument.

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Herman Cain Exposed: Immigration & Border Conrol

Herman Cain’s immigration plan involves building a colossal wall well over 700 miles long and 20 feet tall envisioned in the same vein as the Great Wall of China.(link) He completes his vision by incorporating an electrified section at the top of the wall and an alligator moat on the other side.(link) Estimated costs would project at over $50 billion (link) His supporters embrace this idea, but do they really take into consideration what the repercussions could be? Furthermore, do we honestly believe that this expensive and immoral act would actually end illegal immigration?

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Mudslinging for the good doctor!

Two videos made for some classic mudslinging at the other candidates



Please "like" all the videos on that channel if you want more.

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Is Ron Paul wrong about 9/11?

Is Ron Paul wrong about 9/11?


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