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An Answer to the 30-year old without Health Insurance Question

I was just thinking that a better answer to the to the 30-year old without health insurance question would be something like:

"I can't tell this person to get a healthcare plan and I have no right to force a plan on him at his expense. I know if this person was to collapse at my hospital or asks me for help; I would call on all free-market supports to setup a donation site and ask that everyone donate 10 or 20 dollars to help pay for his medical bills. As you know the revolution I am apart of is a revolution of love and I am sure we can meet a challange such as this and raise above it"

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SHTF - 10 year Treasury yield hits all time low - gold record high

Rush to "safety"...

Ten year US bonds paying 2 percent - lowest in history
Gold up $32 - new record high
Dow Jones Industrials down 400 points
Foreign markets down 3 to 6 percent

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