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Alexei Mozgovoi: Freedom and Conscience: this will be Novorossia !
The real story of Hitler?
Netanyahu ups the ante
Roman Empire Slaughtered by Their Own Paid Assassins. Professional protectors Demanded Their Pensions.
Rage Against The Machine - Sublime Anti-War Educational Music
Galt's Gulch Chile, Jeff Berwick responds
How can you tell whether Russia has invaded Ukraine?
Russia Demands Release of MH17 Black Box Investigation
Hey there human being
Pet Vaccines with guest Dr John Robb
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk September 01, 2014: Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!
Storing your Silver Safely
School Sucks!
Refuse Resist Live Free!
Happy Labor Day
PCR: The West, The Greatest Cause Of War In Human History, Stands Stripped Of All Legitimacy
Football Season
Ohio “Open Carry” Laws Could Spell Murder Charges for Cops who Shot Innocent Man in WalMart
Manufactured Excuses
State Park Ranger Found Unconscious in Patrol Car With Beer Between His Legs
"I Hate American Tyranny! Oooh But Please Give Me Putin/Gaddafi/Assad!
Police unions fight to keep military gear for police force
Does the House of Representatives really represent? You decide!
The Latest From Jim Willie...
Virgin Valley High School Harrases Cliven Bundy's Granddaughter
I must be a sociopath, real life trolling, boredom and other thoughts
Don't Soke.
by Soulvein in DP Original Humor @ 12:30
Do I Need A Marriage License From The State?
UPDATE: Propagandist at the Daily Beast attack Ron Paul because he "dons truther tin foil"
Farage Support Continues to Grow - Figures predict a record 48 point swing towards Ukip in Westminster
A Love Story
Why Are Brothels Illegal?
This Precious Day
by EdinNY in New York Art @ 07:36
Microsoft finds a pair
Mother punished for sins of the son?
Back to School: It's the Students' Turn! (To See Their Bill of Rights Violated)
Jim Murphy
Ron Paul Vs Tom Woods?
Rodney Dangerfield's First Economics Class
Just In: Hello Kitty is NOT a cat!
How Many Different Ways Can You?
From the American Idiot Album, my Labor Day Tune
400% rise: Fee to renounce US citizenship goes up fourfold to $2,350
2016: The end of the road
Putin Increases Penalties For 'Illegal' Street Rallies, Outlaws secessionist internet posts.
We Are Here Right Now And I Am Grateful!
Woman working 4 jobs to make ends meet dies while napping in car between shifts
‘United Continent’: European volunteers fighting Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine
Political myths that are destroying freedom: The myth of a limited-government Republican Party (Part 1)