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American Mathematical Society Publishes an article about MH370:
Bitcoin for Prison Written by Charlie Shrem
Police Abuse of Uber Driver in New York City Caught on YouTube
North Dakota Takes Bold Step Forward On Commercial Hemp Industry, Tells Feds To Stay Out
Don’t Hate The Media, BECOME The Media
Stockton Smart Meters Explode After Truck Causes Power Surge
Cursed Are The War Makers
by EdinNY in DP Original New York Art @ 13:35
Ted Cruz Wants to Double Immigration and Implement Biometric ID
VIDEO: Gerald Celente: Obey Thy Founding Fathers
Hilary Suffering from ED (Exessive Dishonesty) Syndrom
How The Fed Has Failed The Nation (In One Chart)
Driver Drives Jeep Off Tow Truck, Escapes In A Flash Of Glory (VIDEO)
Hemp harvesting
Brooklyn police chief leaves after raid by Illinois troopers
AIIB: China's New Development Bank is Becoming a Massive Embarrassment for Obama
Jeb Bush defends NSA and Obama's surveillance policies, urges Obama to defend them
Free for Kindle: Travel the World For Free, and Escape the Daily Grind Before It's Too Late
Time for a laugh: Trevor Noah on Oprah
My First Publication: Where Do I Fit? (Life Learning Magazine)
Instagram deleting users posting anti establishment or liberty themed memes and photos
PaulsPlace: The secret itch below.
Et Voilà! Math Notepad and Mathjs : More Tidbits of Open Source Awesomeness to Empower the Youth (... and the Less Young)
The biker, the lion and the reporter
by dabooda in Humor @ 01:50
I Stand With Liberty
Military Vehicles - what would these be used for?
by anonymous1 in Peace / War @ 23:39
For our brothers
Yahoo Finance: Darkcoin Gets An Image Makeover
Post deleted
"Society" 's Perception Problem About Libertarians...
X-22 Economic collapse report.
I wanna dedicate this song to Mr.Rupert Murdoch
Why banks sponsor both teams?
U.S. Supreme Court: If You're Being GPS-Tracked, You're Being Searched
"Don't miss my friend Glenn Beck's great TV special on Navy Seals and the US Special forces!"
(Video) Maricopa County Attorney calls Veteran an "Enemy"
If only...Homicide...
1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA
Don’t See Evil: Google’s Boycott Campaign Against War Photography and Alternative Media
Lyndsey Graham And Company Conspire To Steal More U.S. Taxpayer Money For Foreign Aid...
Cops Raid Elderly Couple Looking For A Meth Lab and Guns- Find Only Quilting Supplies
Foreclosure to Home Free, as 5-Year Clock Expires
Kokesh: Confronting racism at police protest
Ex-Feds Accused Of Pocketing Bitcoins During Silk Road Investigation
GitHub Facing an Ongoing, Evolving DDoS Attack
Ron Paul: Is Indiana Law a Good Answer?
Windows Chock Full Of Spyware Itself
Parsing Ronald Reagan’s Words for Early Signs of Alzheimer’s
U.S. Nerve Gas Hit Our Own Troops in Iraq
What's in the water in MO this year?