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What I Told the Washington Post About Secession - Tom Woods
History Channel rewrites the history of Samuel Adams and other founding fathers
"it is Easier to get Forgiveness than Permission"
Jury Nullification, and other liberty topics, discussed on mainstream local morning radio!
RT's LIVE news report *video*; what's the GOP primary field's stand on Ukraine?
Do You Know About The Big Change In Postal Rates That Takes Effect Today?
Texas Lawmaker: Are You Sick and Tired of Begging Government for Your Rights?
Rand's Support for Syria Bombing, Koch Primary Attendance, Libertarian Girl, and more in this week's "Rand Pauluses and Minuses"
Ron's still got it - in SPADES!
Holder's new Civil Asset Forfeiture Policy Affects Only a Small Share of Seizures
Catherine Austin Fitts : 2015 - A Year of Violence and Volatility
by DJP333 in Video Economy @ 16:16
IRS promises lousy service
Rand Paul splits with Cruz, Rubio at Koch summit
Weekly Standard: "Rubio Shines at Koch Forum"
The largest Jewish News Facebook Page makes up story to incite hate. EXPOSED!
Does anyone else find this funny?
Now on Yahoo: Exclusive: Couple Discusses Rough Encounter With Police (video)
The National Security Establishment Vs. Defense
VIDEO: Ron Paul Refutes Washington Posts Attempt to Paint Him As A Secessionist
I just got an email from Carol Paul
“Delaying unavoidable death contributes to unsustainable and escalating healthcare costs"
My view on the wealth gap.
Millions of GMO Mosquitos Could Be Released in Florida Keys
Rand Paul: I'm kinda surrounded here...
NATO chief: Putin comment on NATO legion in Ukraine is 'nonsense'
Small drone crashes at White House complex, origin unclear
Not a big fan of Mark Dice but this video clip is just stunning. We are truly surrounded by Sheeple!
Sheriffs want popular police-tracking app disabled
The Greatest Story Never Told
Freedom, Where Are You? Not in America or Europe
The Lucis Trust President speaks, Satan, Lucifer, and the United Nations
G20 countries approve an across-the-board Cyprus-style bail-in policy
Donate to Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Money Bomb
The Ron Paul difference
Guantanamo Diary Podcast
Broadcast nightly, on the local news
Papyrus Found in a Mummy Mask May Be the Oldest Known Copy of a Gospel
Barrett Brown has been sentenced to 63 months in prison
Superbowl 49: I'm a 12 until the Seahawks win on Sunday
Forget Russia and China. England is the Real Threat.
Life in Mexico, Bitcoin and Anarchapulco - Jeff Berwick on the Keiser Report
Let's talk about Vaccines. Who feels strongly about this?
by RogueBeekeeper in Health Ask DP @ 01:43
VIDEO: Heckler calls McCain a "Warmonger", McCain agrees.
CNN: Can LSD make you a billionaire?
Millions of GMO insects could be released in Florida Keys
(VIA Drudge) Wash Post Lead Monday: Rand Paul Courts Donors, While Father Talks Of Impending Doomsday...
Some Kid Arrested for...typing things
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/26/15: Education is Too Important Not to Leave to the Marketplace (VIDEO)
VIDEO: Number One With A Bullet (
Fuhrer Obamas Reich Of The Union