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Does Ebola Justify the State Tom Woods Show
Nationwide state ballot measures.
CNN: Swat Drill At Washington School Day Before Shooting (VIDEO)
Ron Paul signed copy of the Constitution from 2008
Israeli forces kill U.S. teen in West Bank
John Wayne and Buddy Holly - "That'll Be The Day"
"Michael" of MOXnews interviewed, for the VERY 1st Time... by Ernie Hancock! On-going YouTube IP-strike. But, Help on the Way!
are you scared yet ?
Forget the Planet! There's Just Not Enough Room In This Solar System, Galaxy and Universe!
Sufi Muslim - Free!
Confessions of a knee-jerk neocon
Is This Constitutional?: Pentagon Says US Soldiers Will Staff Ebola Hospital in Liberia
Without Love we are all slaves
NSA Top Execs Exploiting Position and Secrets for Personal Looting
It is not in Switzerland's lands!
Fascinating Commonalities in Near Death Experiences
One drop of Love one kiss
by legalizeliberty in Art @ 15:37
Deutsche Bank Lawyer Found Dead In Apparent Suicide
Edward Snowden is Becoming More Dangerous Every Minute.
FEMA Pandemic Exercise Series
I am reunited with my wife after years of separation. Sort of.
46,000+ mp3 files (250GB) Anywhere I can post them online for free to enable easy access?
by go213mph in Ask DP Art @ 13:35
What is the moral justification for Paul-supported interventions without nation building?
by 1440 minutes in Peace / War @ 12:41
China Launches World Bank Rival
Why the Welfare State Isn’t Well and It Isn’t Fair
Hospital Throws Mom Out for Breastfeeding
X Flare, UFOs During Eclipse | S0 News October 25, 2014
Joking, but quite serious. Auto mailer conversations. I got it off my chest, Rand got a response. I hope its useful!
by j.p in DP Original Rand Paul @ 05:58
Quote of the day...
For precious baby girl...
If you're frightened...
Washington Is Defaming Putin — Paul Craig Roberts
CNN's Paul Begala Posts Anti-Government Invective
Boyle tries to boil Jan.
You Have 30 Minutes to Explain to the Founding Forefathers what has become of America!
This November 22nd, is Your Destination Dallas or Washington, D.C.(note embedded video at end)
State of Confusion: White House Force Tunes TV Stations to Emergency Message, Has Nothing to Say
Conversation Between Noam Chomsky, Paul Craig Roberts and Rob Kall: The future of capitalism
Lee Ann McAdoo: #EbolaMartialLaw declared in NY & NJ, as of Friday, October 24th, 2014! CBS & NY Post confirm, too.
One More Time...Futility Dictates I love rejection
What Else Is There to Say?
Two cops dead, two wounded in California shooting spree
Wow! Nurse cured of Ebola so quickly...
Every Day The Death Toll Rises
by EdinNY in DP Original New York Art @ 20:20
Encryption and Remote Wiping
Something ain't right here.
Tall Skinny Lawyer
by emalvini in Humor @ 20:00
Who was Frank Zappa?
Video - Rand Paul at Center For The National Interest