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David Morgan on PM's (and my unexpected LOSS of a quail hen)
On "Shark Tank," A Swat Team Officer Discusses A "Prisoner Control Device" And A "Tactical Assault On A House"
Obama: Let me be clear.
Ron Paul at LPAC: Liberty Depends on Both Non-Aggression and Tolerance
Rand Paul LPAC 2014 Speech
Forum Suggestion - Debating
Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That C.I.A. and the Islamic State Are United
Ray McGovern: Living the Cold War, from Bay of Pigs to Ukraine; History in 2h41m w/Fmr CIA Pres. Daily Intel Briefer- LondonReal
Free Speech, Controlled Speech: the precipice of a new America
Carol Paul's Cookbook - Recipe Question
by IMissLiberty in Ask DP Books @ 22:29
Introducing the 'assault musket'
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone Movie
Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012
R.I.P. George Hamilton IV dead at 77
Worth Watching (if ONLY for the Alex Jones Parody) LOL
China advances gold exchange launch, Singapore delays contract
VIDEO Unconstitutional CHECKPOINT Belligerent Cop Loses Temper
What are they doing right in Russia?
Here's a new one-Khorasan
Protest in Chile
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 9/22/14: Congress Votes For More War In The Middle East
Woodrow Wilson Appointed first Federal Judge to be convicted of bribery
1 in 4 American Citizens Want Secession From Federal Government Reuters Poll Finds - LA Times Reports
Appointments the Democrat Central Committee may be available
WHAT? Please email this, link it, post it everywhere
Have The Georgia Guidestones "Officially" Been Updated with the Year 2014?
Blackwater-like contractors now operating as domestic police?
Who are we?
The True Axis of Evil
Saudi’s Connections To ISIS
Ron Paul blasts war with ISIS
Why No US Sanctions Against State Sponsors of ISIS: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey?
Video: Having a bad day?
Iceland: Bardarbunga Caldera and Current Holuhraun Eruption (Video)
Yale chaplain forced out by Zionist attacks Saturated with Rand Paul Coverage 9-21-14
Engineered Drought Catastrophe: Target California
Video: Rand Paul At The L.A. GOP Convention
Do Something Now!
by EdinNY in DP Original New York Art @ 04:56
Favorite Movie Scenes of All Time
...and to the Republic!
What is good and does it exist?
Rand Paul Speaking At GOP California State Convention: Obama 'Abusing Our Laws' (VIDEO)
Tree Hugging Libertarians Unknowingly Buy Pieces Of Chilean Hell
Malcolm X quote that teachers should be teaching our kids
When will the dollar collapse? (Trying to Time a Gift)
RE-VOTE Petition for Scottish Independence - 79,000+ Signed
Want a cool news aggregator for your website?
What's going on in Africa / ebola deployment : A Chinese Blockade
Hope & Liberty lie in Israel