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Republicans’ Senate Chances Rise Slightly to 60 Percent
France Goes For the Gold
Bush Sr. and Reagan Debate Illegal Immigration in 1980: Bush pushes for amnesty, while Reagan talks of open borders with Mexico
Syrian Civil-War; Jihadist Rebels Publicly Display Severed Heads on Fence Poles (WARNING!: very graphic)
Sen. Rand Paul Hires John Yob Ahead of Potential 2016 Bid
Women and Children Killed Over A, 'Blasphemous,' Facebook Post
Petition to demand clemency for Edward Snowden here
VIDEO: Police Gun Down Dog In Front Of 6-year-old Girl For ‘Showing Its Teeth’
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox News Special 'Policing America' with John Stossel 7/27/14
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Speaks at the 2014 National Urban League Conference
Mike Benoit's talks about Sam Seder vs Matt DiGeronimo debate, and then Sam Seder vs Stefan Molyneux
Amazing! Navy Seals Jumping out of Planes
Fox News poll Rand beating Hillary by 5% among Independents who make up the largest block of voters
NYPD cop put seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for grilling outside her apartment
Kurds put up WhiteHouse petition to recognize Kurdistan as an independent nation.
Roland Martin: Stuck on stupid partisans who attack Rand Paul need to stop tripping
Ukrainian Fighter Plane Used Civilian Aircraft For Cover
Mark of the Beast, According to Garp
Who Is a Statist?
Jury Frees Man Charged With Shooting at Cops Who Raided Wrong House
Animal Shelters Running Low On Dogs For Cops To Shoot (SATIRE)
This is Why You Feel Poorer: David Stockman's 2000-2014 Chart (7/10/2014)
Chair of the San Diego Libertarian Party response to minimum wage increase
Rutherford Institute: The Absurd, Bureaucratic Hell That Is the American Police State
25% of all the world’s prisoners are held in the United States
You've Got Mail: Judge Grants Feds Unrestricted Access to Gmail Account (7/28/2014)
ReasonTV: "Do You Have It Up Your Ass?" Drug Warriors in New Mexico Go Too Far
Report: U.S.-Provided Weapons To Afghans Have Gone Missing
Lunacy of Broken Window Fallacy Corporatist Military Keynesianism: DoD can't account for FOURTY% of Its AfPak Weapons GiveAway!
Channel Trailer
Tor received over $1.8m from the US Government last year, including $830K from military spies
Canadian AnCap Julia Tourianski asks: Have You started Your Love Affair with Freedom, yet?
Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide, Blames Netanyahu
'Endgame' blends print, film, gaming, and a global treasure hunt
Interview: Justin Amash has a lot of things to say about NSA reform & John Boehner
What? Newsweek: The government owns your DNA. What are they doing with it?
Russian Satellite Imagery on MH17 ~ Veterans Today
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's 'Hannity' W / Eric Bolling (Parts 1 & 2 ) 7/25/14
Video Police Brutality Claims Prompt Police Depts. To Use Body Cameras
Multiple Reports: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Were with Malaysian Flight 17 When It Was Shot Down
Let the States Decide on Marihuana
Rand Paul in NRO: A More Just America
“You Don’t Have A Right To Know Everything” That The Government Does
Dr. Glidden - discussing the growing number of antidepressant users and foods to avoid
by Pete_J in Health Video @ 11:35
Israel Murders IDF Soldier to Prevent His Capture
'Mad Max: Fury Road'
by davyC in Video Art @ 11:29
Rand Paul Talks to Blacks and Democrats Flip Out
FirearmsTalk Discussion About Guns
DailyBeast is at it again with Rand!
Voices of Liberty - The Future: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies