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Facebook shows its true nature
It takes courage to tell the truth - Israel 911 involvement - facts & evidence
IUS - Proof of God. Through science.
Neil Keenan Update | Making History & New Beginnings
Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie
A thread that is not to be read.
It's Your Fault DeBlasio
Video: Americans Stand Up To Militarized Takeover (Spokane Washington Protest)
VIDEO: 2008 Hypnosis Of Life Seminar
What happened to the fourth estate?
Paul Craig Roberts in Komsomolskaya Pravda
Anarcho-Capitalism in Mayberry
CFCW grande prarie outs retied RCMP tricky ricky crime ring.largest orginization in albertaa
Love wins in the end
VIDEO: The Conscious Of America, "The Taxpayers Best Friend" - The Ron Paul Story
While un-chaining of your hands
by legalizeliberty in Art @ 21:58
Police Stop My Car :(
VIDEO: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/22/14: Janet Yellen's Christmas Gift to Wall Street
Senator Coburn - the God father of the TeaParty - Really?!
My prayer for Chloe
Florida police officer killed; suspect charged with murder
The Institute For Justice Continues to Fight Civil Forfeiture
scott stapp leaked phone calls
Anonymous added a video about Dr Paul
"We don't have to charge anyone at all" - NJ car, property seizures spike under forfeiture law
These are wise words to keep in mind this holiday season
Denver Post: Nebraska, Oklahoma meddling with Colorado pot law
China proposes broadening use of Yuan for trade with Russia
What is your favorite Ron Paul video?
The family with 34 children - and counting (I wish there was Love section on DP)
South Carolina Fox Debate Audience BOOS Ron Paul For Mentioning Golden Rule...
GATA Exposes Central Bank Silver and Gold Manipulation on USA Watchdog
New Hampshire's Libertarian Beer Renaissance
Is the Spokane deputy "Constitutionalists" comments a manipulation?
3 Years @ Daily Paul: Merry Christmas to All!
Call Dish and tell them you will subscribe if they drop FOX News, etc.
It's Good We Don't Fit In...
by go213mph in Humor @ 15:24
Up close and personal
Florida Event Spotlights Signs of Foreign Support of 9/11 Hijackers
The Good Times are Over
WWIII - The Calm Before The Storm (New StormCloudsGathering Video)
Reason Calls out Blogger for tweeting that #RandPaul's Anti-Cop Rhetoric played a Role in #NYPD Cop Killing
Memories of the RP Victory in Amherst New York Republican Caucus
Blowing The Whistle In A Right To Work State
Attention DP, Cop Block needs your help!
Holiday Wishes From The Fishes!
Liberty Moments Greg Brannon: Are We Looking for Revolution or Peace?
Rick Perry's Objective: "chief executive of a large enterprise with good benefits and a really large personal jet."
Rick Perry: "large doses of vaccines" may be needed "to respond to a bio-terror attack on our nation"
The Breakthrough
by EdinNY in DP Original New York Art @ 05:46