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The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker
A Halloween Gift
Roommate Attack Ad
NYPD arrests, ‘brutalizes’ peace activist McGovern ahead of Petraeus speech
Suppressed UK Study Reveals Tough Drug Laws Fail
Shadow Banking Grows to $75 Trillion Industry, FSB Says
Mass protests convince Hungarian government to drop internet tax plans
The 10 Most Disturbing Images From Google Street View
Why It Took 23 Years to Link Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance to This Scrap of Metal
Where's all that "Ebola" we were promised?
Happy "Ron Paul" Halloween 2014
Can Duane Crumbacher restore Liberty in Oklahoma?
The difference between the UK, Great Britain, and england
And A New Earth Reprise
The systematic governmental destruction of the presumption of liberty in the name of public safety-Judge Nap
Robert P Murphy Advice to the Elites
A Call To Action
Electric Universe | S0 News October 31, 2014
Juveniles Sentenced To Detention Getting Sexually Abused
Thoughts on the Coming Election
Mainstream Science "Discovers" Electric Universe Theory
Area 51 scientist's deathbed video: UFOs are real, aliens have federal jobs
I need hosting
Congressman Fleming doesn't know of any ISIS plan
The Pastor's False Teeth
by cem in Humor @ 01:37
If Rand Paul wins in 2016 we will witness the greatest fruits of our labors that started for me 7 years ago
First Presidential Debate Set For Republicans
F- the Lawn
Scott Brown is probably going to lose.
Rand Paul Nails 15 second commercial for Scott Brown..
Rand Paul leads the way to GOP midterm victory. Brietbart
Rand Is Right! Eat That Maddow ! CDC admits droplets from a sneeze could spread Ebola
Frank Zappa mentioned Laurel Canyon in his fourth album!
Doomsday Seed Vault Movie Premiere - HURRY - ends at 10 CST on Oct 30
Antibiotic $9
Re-post delete this.
Matt Taibbi Quits First Look Media 8 Months After Joining
G.O.A. Grades 2014 Federal Candidates On 2nd Amendment
Glory and Victory Lives with Love!
When the government's boot is on your throat...
What Were These 10 Libertarians Doing in Their 20s?
Lockheed Martin scientist on deathbed says aliens are real (VIDEO)
Israeli Cartoon Depicts Israelis Behind 9/11!
Chinese media: “We are the Gold Consumption Super-Power.” Chinese citizens now holding over 6,000 tons
George Will: Government is NOT competent, under Republicans OR Democrats
This Is What Legalizing Marijuana Did to the Black Market in Colorado
There are zero states where the percentage of people employed has gone up since the recession
8 cops, 1 homeless man, 46 bullets
70% of U.S. Tax Dollars go to These Three Areas
by Diamond Dog in Video Economy @ 15:26