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Shelter is his third name
I know a veteran who says "I was in places I shouldn't have been"
Another person has jumped the fence at the White House. caught by Secret Service
$36 Million South Africa gun registration system a shambles, rife with corruption
Walls of Silence: Supreme Court Sanctions Tyranny (When It Is Not Actively Supporting It)
Are you even surprised? Vote for Republican and Machine switches vote "Calibration ERROR"
The interview was not run
A message for all you folks that film cops
The public good= a gun to your head
Oil prices slide as US crude reserves surge
Video of Gun Battle in Canadian Parliament
Stockton City Council Michael Tubbs NAACP Affirmative Action Baby arrest for DUI
Total Silver Demand May Reach 1 Billion Ounces Over Next Decade -The Silver Institute
Tennessee Woman Sentenced To Jail For Not Mowing Her Lawn
by emalvini in California Humor @ 16:15
The Rabbit
Pastor David Jeremiah Sermon: New World Order
In 2024: James Rickards describes a fictional account of the world's monetary future
How The People Were Tricked Into Consent !
HYPOCRITE: 'Rules for Thee, None for Me!' Publicly Anti-Gun Dem.State Senator arrested @ Ferguson... DRUNK & w/Concealed Pistol!
Russia loses key Western business ally in airport tragedy, plane hits a snowplow truck, hmmmm
I feel we are being set up
Overview History of Banking Control - Short and Sweet for the Sheeple!
Taylor Swift parody perfectly describes everything that’s wrong with Obama’s presidency
When US bombs ISIS, BBC Shows Video of Destroyed Targets. When Assad bombs ISIS, BBC Instead Shows a Wounded Child
Refuse the Ebola Vaccination!
Russian Blackwater Proposed
When You Ask Permission To Exercise Your Rights, You Have Given Consent To The Criminals To Say NO
Big Government Sucks on College Campus: Free Speech Rights Denied for Broward Taxpayer at Broward College
Noam Chomsky at United Nations: It Would Be Nice if the United States Lived up to International Law
They did not mark for us the Day of the Slaves
Preventing Taxpaying Milk Cows from Seeking Greener Pastures
Mormons ask us to quit calling them "magic underwear" (edited)
Solar Eclipse, Flare Watch | S0 News October 22, 2014
10/21/14 Stephen Zunes
Silver Demand Surges, Yet The Price Continues to Fall- Supply/Demand Analysis
Gun Control for Dummies
School Inoculates Third Grader in ‘Vaccine Pilot Program’ without Parental Permission
A Poem By Willie Nelson (Mature)
by bierdegarde in Humor @ 07:55
The UN is in Detroit Investigating Human Rights Violations.
The Kansas City Star: Little Free Libraries continue to draw discussion in Leawood
Effects of tv on the brain
Marat In The Bathtub
by Ed Ucation in DP Original Art @ 02:09
Their shiny black boots firmly on our soft necks
Ebola Vaccinations have started
Hitching Post Files Lawsuit to prevent performing samesex marriages
Frank Zappa on Voting, Partisanship and Communicating Through the Arts
Michael Savage: Veterans With PTSD Are Destroying America
VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears on CNN's 'Situation Room' W / Wolf Blitzer 10/10/14
Pack of Cops Attack Hungry Students, After Pumpkin Fest Riots 2014