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M.E.H? Why do we accept hatred as a regular part of life? Maybe together we can End all of this Hatred?
An Idea: "Legalize The Constitution"
Oregon May 20 Primary - ongoing thread
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/21/14: Nevada Standoff a Symptom of Increasing Authoritarianism
UN - Rosalind Peterson Confirms Chemtrails/Geoengineering/SRM
If Ron Paul Were President - TMOT Drive Time
Ron Paul Song-Aimee Allen
Petition to Ban Month of April
by BILL3 in DP Original Humor @ 23:14
VIDEO: Smart Guns Endanger Children Says DOJ
Apr. 20 - U. S. Creeps Toward Nuclear, Bankster Designed, World War, Led by Obama, Neocons and the CIA.
Best 911 Expose I've Seen
Are warrentless and random traffic stops normal in Chile?
Ben Swann Exclusive Videos: John Ramsey, The Most Generous Young Millionaire In America
Raising Awareness About Medical Cannabis Use- Think Freedom
I want to buy 1 ounce gold coins
Photo Report: Bundy Family Unearths BLM Mass Cattle Grave
Rand Paul: Reid, Feds Should Calm Rhetoric Over Nevada Ranch Standoff
Today We Gather to Celebrate
1995 Memo: Clinton Admin Feared Internet's Ability to Democratize News 3 Years Before Drudge Bombshell
Watch Connecticut Senator Blumenthal narrowly avoid death by train during a railway safety press conference
Come And Take It Cattle - haha, I couldn't resist producing
(From a couple of years ago) Alex Jones Interviews Aaron Russo (Full Length)
Taxes and War Profiteers
UPDATE (Just in news) Bundy
Ron Paul Rewind: 'Disband NATO!'
A Car Breaks Down
VIDEO: Glenn Beck Sponsored 'GOLDLINE' Charged With 19 Counts Of Criminal Fraud
Glenn Greenwald Reacts To Winning Pulitzer Prize on Snowden info; Peter King says it's a "disgrace"
Liberty 420
Reid and Buffett Solar Energy Connection
God's Grace - Happy Easter
BNP Banker, His Wife And Nephew Murdered In Belgium
Nevada Assembly Woman Michele Fiore Won't be a "Victim of a Stupid Law"
Happy Spring Equinox, Everyone!
10,000 sing Ode To Joy by Beethoven
Fracking Lawyer to Judge: 'You can't let this suit go forward. It will expose all of the crimes the industry has committed.'
Un Agenda 21 - Land Grabs - Plan Calls For Governments To Take Control Of All Land Use
Identifying Mercenaries Violating US Citizens' Rights - Bundy Ranch
United States Resistance - New York Resistance - We Will NOT Comply*
Another Look at Bundy vs. BLM
The Empty Egg and the Empty Tomb
Let's gut the Constitution ...for everyone but the rulers. No guns for you but my guys have plenty
German TV. 10.4.14. Who were the Maidan snipers?
Ron Paul at the commonwealth club of California
Elected Officials Urged to Implement "Policy of Truth"
Rand Paul facing more intense criticism from right and left — which he says is 'a sign of success'
Putin is laughing his BOOTY off.
Vice: The Police Raided My Friend's House Over A Parody Twitter Account
Lake Oswego Businessman Planning Three Nonprofit Organizations