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Dr. Ron Paul: Liberty Report - Is Government Regulation of Internet Helpful?
Rand Paul Supporters Walk Out Of Jeb Bush Speech at CPAC
Happy Birthday, Lady Liberty
Q: What's the difference between a republican-socialist, a democrat-socialist, and a mosquito?
by Cyril in Humor @ 18:43
Meltdown in Venezuela (WSJ, 2/25/2015)
LOL Hayden calls himself a libertarian!
Video: Judge Napolitano debates former NSA director Michael Hayden at CPAC 2015
Judge Napolitano: "These ISIS suspects arrested in NY were under the control of the FBI" (video)
The unseen consequences of war...
When is the Patriot Economic Boycott going to start?
A Rose By Any Other Name
Rand Paul CPAC 2015 Full Speech
Good or Bad Idea? Support Rand through Ron Paul Identity
by freedomordeath in Ron Paul Idea @ 15:22
Thomas Jefferson on why we should audit the Fed
Is anyone else a News Addict?
Vaping Smoking And The Nanny State
Canada Ruled By An Idiocracy
Leonard Nimoy (Spock) Dies
Rand Paul Video at CPAC and Full Speech
VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears on Fox News' Hannity CPAC 2015
Jeb Bush Busing in supporters from the DC area to CPAC
D.C. Mayor Headed to Prison Over Pot Legalization?
Ron Paul: Psychotropic Drugs Implicated in Mass Murders
"Drive Wise"... All State Insurance's new data collection device.
Live Stream CPAC Rand Paul coming UP
Anybody agree with this guy?
Hudes reports from yesterday's Federal Reserve hearing!
Can Rand Rock CPAC Again? 11:40am
Big Bubba Gonna Fix Yer Plummin' Problem
US Congressman Dennis Ross Harassed By Muslim Agitators On The Temple Mount
Watch CPAC live here.
Captain Kirk versus Miley Cyrus
How The Fed's Artificially Low Interest Rates Got People Fired
Looks like it's gonna be a rocky road for ol' Scotty Walker.
The Stage Is Set For The (2nd) Syrian Invasion
2015 Austrian Gold Report: 22% of Gold Reserves do not exist!
Republicans blocking D.C Legal pot?
Please Share Your Stories
by DeadGeorge in DP Original Health @ 04:34
Ron Paul: Internet, RIP?
Rand Paul Has Been Removed By Major Sports-betting Site
"Equal Pay" Feminist Myths Debunked... Thoroughly!
The Miracle of Life
Drug Dogs, Students And Secrecy.
MO Auditor Tom Schweich commits suicide
Walker proves he's anti-freedom.
Where does media bias come from? How far back does it go?
CPAC 2015: See Schedule of Key Speakers
Martial Law by Executive Order
Highway Patrol Error Results In Hellish Roadside Experience For Classic Car Owner