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Tea Party warns against Russia
Rand defends Cliven Bundy
I Think Michael Ruppert Was Murdered!
Obama Administration Approved BLM Cattle Impounding According to Documents on BLM Website
"We are the people we've been waiting for"
Life of the bullied. Please watch
‘Government suspends controversial program to recover money from adult children of dead taxpayers’
How do YOU keep your finger on the pulse?
The Shift (Part III): Warmth
How I Intend to Survive the Meltdown of America
email to BLM- Bundy's permission to use the public land at no cost
Sheriff Richard Mack. Bundy Ranch Press Conference 4/14/14. Video
Dark Journalist & Jim Marrs: JFK Assassination Coup
Government as a monopoly on force is too reactive! what about words and writing? (VIDEO)
InfoGraphic: Private Prisons in America
Ukrainian Su-27 Reportedly Shot Down
3 ways to fail a DRUNK test -Humor.
Why You Should Be Sympathetic Towards Cliven Bundy
IRS Demands C4L’s List of Donors
Whats going on with Operation Stop Thief?
It's the 15th! Happy April Fools Day Everyone
What is the single most expensive ingredient in beer? Guess.
Statement from Director of the BLM Neil Kornze "Nevada Belongs to All Americans, Bundy Owes Americans $1 Million, No More Raids"
Terrorist Threats Are Becoming A CRAZE?!
Reason: 62 Percent of Americans Say They Favor a Flat Tax
What should I do with Barracuda Trader?
Cliven Bundy and his court cases...
Romania for Ron Paul and Religion
Totally worth it! Check this out...
U.S. House Candidate Shoots Drone in Campaign Video
Cop Explodes on "Chicken Sh*t Mother F'er"
Nearly 1 in 10 Americans now has diabetes
U.S. Treasury Dept. Guilty of Insider Trading?
The Entitlement Generation Speaks
Police Are Testing a “Live Google Earth” To Watch Crime As It Occurs
Discredited Conservatives Attack Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy as Naive
How to really keep informed on the Bundy Ranch happenings, join the text alert...
Fire ants have moved into the worm bed - Help!
The Truth About Benghazi
Video: Cliven Bundy On Alex Jones Show - 4/09/14
Silence is Compliance: The paradigm shift, by Anthony Antonello
The New Movement We Need...
A 15-yr old speaks out: Cattle’s effect on the Range
*Duplicate Post Deleted*
Bunkerville song by Wayne and Paula Carson-Very Good Song and Video!
Cops Gone Wild! Police Almost Cause Riot After Snatching Baby From Suspect!
Morning Joe Video: Bundy Ranch Standoff: 'That's Not Libertarianism, It's Anarchy'
Cass Sunstein Bitches About "Tax Cheats"
Rory Reid says Bundy should be Prosecuted