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Rand Paul Says Decision On Presidential Run Will Wait Until The Spring.
Why Welfare States Hate Tax Havens—Tax Competition
The Putin Bullet Points (Dialogue Just Ending)
City Notorious For Revenue Schemes Under Fire After Another Kid Dies Due To Lack of Crossing Guards-City Refused to Pay for them
Biggest Sunspot in +10 Years | S0 News October 24, 2014
Living in a parallel universe
You Will Never Guess Who Is STILL Funding Nazis
Japanese government bonds draw negative yield
The Atlantic: Rand Paul Sketches an Alternative to Hawks Like Bush and Clinton
The Buke Delivers
Gov't Covering up Ebola in South Carolina?
How can a government that creates the problem, try to fix the problem, when they are the problem. FB Illustration
Question about Primary Dealers - how does it work?
Running Thread: Brazen Lies
New Returning Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola; It's Now In NY City
Liars Lists
If Medical Martial Law Is Declared, Should The Liberty Movement Submit?
NYT: The Ebola Conspiracy Theories
How does a 50 - 49 - 1 Senate sound? Greg Orman?
Ebola: Will We Be Fooled Again?
Ted Cruz Wants to Give the President Even More Power
Rubio To Propose Ebola Travel Ban Legislation
Some of you history buffs will like these
on the lighter side - video remaking chariots of fire theme song...on a low budget :)
New York doctor tests positive for Ebola: NY Times
I'm selling a Macbook Pro for parts - with libertarian stickers and will donate to liberty org
I Hope This Video Makes You Smile
US military to teach Syrian opposition forces defense only
by Al S in Peace / War @ 20:21
What is my 'Status'?
Hoping youthful innocents become liberty minded.
Empathize with neoconservative thought in order to expose its dangers
James Corbett talks to Abby Martin (Breaking the Set) about Federal Reserve fraud
If you've got the money, honey, we've got the bombs (Sing-A-Long)
Libertarian Lanterns
Can Anyone Provide A Good Explanation Why
Measures 91 and 92 - Oregon - what is good policy?
Public Health
Oil slump leaves Russia even weaker than decaying Soviet Union
Big Berkey Rated #1 Gravity Water Filter After Extensive Testing...
Edward Bernays - Father of Propoganda
Edward Snowden interviewed by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessing (10/20/14)
Listen to my interview on Sirius radio
'What we need is, centuries of war.' John McOrwell... "I also invented the 'Wind Powered Car'."
School Choice for DC
Florida third party candidate for governor: “Libertarianism in government is the future”
Why Ebola Scares Me
Johnny Cash - Walk The Line
Ohio Justice Judy French rules against Ohio Constitution 100% of the time, for donors 91% of the time
What the Gold Silver Ratio Looks Like At 72:1