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The Covert Origins of ISIS
Mitt Romney Finally Admits: “They Had To Steal Republican Nomination” From Ron Paul
"Mitt Romney will run in 2016 and crush the opposition"
Climate change and a CO2 conundrum
Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion
by ACinMA in Books @ 01:40
If money grew on trees, it'd be as valuable as leaves
Interpol Arrests Parents For Disobeying Doctors...
Former US Intelligence Officers and NSA Chief Write Open Letter to Avoid All-Out Ukraine War
Your favorite unconventional spirituality/philosophy books
Buy a THISTLE shirt. get a Josie the outlaw wanted poster free!
Leading Keynesian Economist Uses The “D” Word
Hemp Ready For Harvest
Liberals dressed as Patriots
Ukraine Map of Operations, August 25-31, 2014
Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails to US Government
James Corbett on RT: NATO is the Greatest Threat to Peace on the Planet
The coolest dog ever government fail)
From Grad School to Prison
Strapping people down for forced blood draws in Gwinnett Co., Georgia
Gold and Silver Sales Fall Sharply at the U.S. Mint in Recent Months
Surrendered Ukrainian soldier: “Lyuba, don’t worry, I’m in captivity”
Building a Dam
ISIS is America’s New Terror Brand: Endless Propaganda Fuels “War on Terror”
Truth in the Patriot Movement (What Everyone Needs to Understand)
There was a North vs South. Now there is a West vs East.
The most VIRAL video for 2014;
Drunk Federal Agent Threatens Man With A Gun, Attempts Kidnapping
Israel Seizes 1,000 Acres Of Palestinian Land In West Bank...
Bi-partisan criticism against Obama over ISIS, and it's all OPEN racism!
I hear there is a big bully in a state called "Far Far Away"
Return of the Evil Empire
Is This Guy Crazy or Are You Crazy?
At my wit's end with pooping cat; please help save her life?
New York threatened by epic housing collapse -
Teddy neocon wants to bomb ISIS to oblivion
Daily Paul source code availability?
Dorian Johnson, the friend who witnessed Michael Brown shooting
Latest John Williams (from Shadowstats) Interview - Released 8/31/14
by marcjh13 in Markets @ 19:50
Combat Rock
Should the U.S. engage in preemptive war? An interview with Herbert London
McCain (War-Mongering Again), Claims ISIS May Be "Biggest Threat Ever To the U.S."...
Here's what you need to know before taking out a peer-to-peer loan
Bizarre: Global Military Band Competition
McConnell Declines to Take Questions
Politico: Rand Paul Meets With David Koch
How Iowa Scandal Could Touch Rand Paul, McConnell
Iowa Probe: A Ditch for Mitch?
Dennis Fusaro: An Open Letter to Ron Paul
by RandWatcher in Ron Paul @ 03:58
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