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TxDOT "Two Steps, One sticker" - Another government database
Artist Sabo Reveals Identity First Time ever - FA&*T the new Ni&#r / Abortion Barbie WHAT?
Breathe Easy! Don't Break the Law!
Nothing but love!
"The whole government is a ponzi scheme" - Bernie Madoff
Local Cops Scanning Social Media to Assign You a ‘Threat Rating’
Double Post, Sorry
Banksters last dance
The Color Of Loss, Separation, and Longing
The IRS Is Returning This Woman's Seized Cash
VIDEO: Another Positive Gun Story You Won’t See On The National Media
The Page Turner
6 former GITMO detainees who were never charged with a crime, were flown to Uruguay on Sunday
One More Thing
by emalvini in California Humor @ 20:46
Who,What,When,Where ... Why?
ISIS (also know as CIA) Attacks American Base In Iraq In First Ever Clash With U.S. Troops
SR-71 "Blackbird" Airshow
Freedom to Fascism...Part 2.1 *VIDEO*
Ed's daughter was hit by a car
Pastor: We must face reality. Hope is not found in the policies of the empire.
Meet Kevin Yoder
Another question for the DP economics buffs!
by 288toLJ in Ask DP Markets @ 19:02
For all 420 Artists: If you want to be able to stash Marijuana @Home, WITHOUT being SWAT-raided? Join the Richmond, CA PD!
Wall Street is back in charge, CNN front page
Grand Jury Witness 40′s Claim That Michael Brown Charged “Like a Football Player” Falls Apart
White Cop Went To Arrest Black Grandmother, Then This Happened
The Headache that Won't Go Away
Millions Participate In Cuban Version Of Survivor
I will pray for you all, always.
Texas Truck ends up in the hands of "Terrorists" in Syria
11 of the Weirdest Solutions to the Fermi Paradox
Cow jumps fence to escape butcher shop, fatally shot by cops
A Clergy Response Team Insider Reveals The Duties Of A Pastor Inside Of A FEMA Camp
Did Oregon measure 92 truly pass?
Fake police officers invade home, shoot resident in the head (video)
Organized Opposition to Jeb Bush - protests and collective action
Senator Rand Paul Appears On Fox's The 'Kelly File' W / Megyn Kelly 12/16/14
Currency Crises: Asset bubbles, too much debt, unbacked fiat currencies...
Anyone here part of the RECURO Initiative? (they Tweet about Ron and Rand often)
U.S. and Cuba seek to normalize relations in historic shift
Cops being turned against the public, targeting Constitutionalists, and Liberty lovers.
Do Muslims Really Believe Jesus Christ Was Just A Prophet?
European Parliament votes to recognize Palestine statehood 'in principle'
Ignorance Is No Excuse for Wrongdoing, Unless You’re a Cop
Breathe Easy - Don't Break The Law
How we, the people lost JFK, MLK, and RFK and what we got in return.
Commodity Trading Giant Exits Physical Gold Due To "Lack Of Physical With A Documented Origin"
We did it! Armed Patriots Nullify Gun Restrictions in WA!
Rand Already Making Ad Buys Against Jeb Bush's Common Core