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Rachael/WWRP Do

I've had a mini-revelation. When I saw Rachael's first UTUBE, I thought...hey, that's great. Then, when I saw another...(the chest), I thought...well I don't know. ( Understand that I am in my late fifties.) Then I asked myself if she was self-serving. Finally, I asked myself, "What would Ron Paul do...about Rachael?"

Eureka! On almost any question...any issue...just go back to the Constitution and, in this case, the Bill of Rights. Freedom of Speech. Rachael is informed and a big supporter. She is expressing herself and is bringing in a big group of younger voters which according to the previous article on the analysts attributing the 3 -5% increase in the polls, in part, to younger voters. This, of course, took me right back to my college days as an activist against the war in Viet Nam. I get it...You Go Rachael. Those of you in your twenties are incredibly important. Good for you! I relate.

Never has a candidate appealed to such a wide age group.