Comment: Yes I agree Xntryk1

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Yes I agree Xntryk1

As the guidlines state - No issues or stances that Dr. Paul does not support.......we represent his ideals to the public.

Vaccine Paranoia
FEMA Camps

None of which, in their conspiratorial positions, Ron Paul supports.

That leaves a lot of really hot topics to discuss, however.

1) Marijuana
2) Hemp
3) Drug Laws
4) Monsanto (subsidized)
5) Dept of Education
6) Union Power
7) End the Fed
8) CIA Foreign Wars
9) Military Expansionism
10) Media Gurus
11) Media Owners
12) Abdicating Congress
13) Abdicating Consumers
14) Austrian Economics*
15) Subsidized Farming
16) Big Chemical / Pharma Corps
........and many more