Comment: No Time To Waste

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No Time To Waste

We already know why we support him. The information we know he has and want the public to have will bubble up on it's own. I'm more interested in showing how Paul can appeal to those who think he doesn't. Most pressing in that for me is the number of people who would vote for Ron Paul, but won't because of a single issue - abortion.

I am pro-choice and support Ron wholeheartedly, including his pro-life stance, because he keeps it constitutional. You can read my personal views about this on my blog at I'm saddened that there are libertarians that will not vote for him because of this - it shows me that they want a lib utopia instead of a contitutional republic. I'm not sure how to phrase it, but I think an important question would be one that allows him to explain States' Rights, and why it's important to leave this issue to the states, and how any law about abortion - either for or against - belongs out of federal jurisdiction.

The debates are a good time for him to win people he doesn't have yet. He's got me all over - I'll answer my own questions.