Comment: My husband is in the building business

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My husband is in the building business

and has no work. However, I have been noticing that my work is slowly increasing, which seemed very wierd to me, as his has been decreasing for two years now. But I thought about it, and as I am an upholsterer/repairer, and figured maybe why my business is increasing, is that because people aren't selling homes, because they are worth less, and won't sell anyway, and because people can't afford new cars, so they aren't buying new cars, and they are used to getting new stuff, or changing their cars/houses, etc, that because of the economy, they are fixing what they have, or renewing what they have (new cloth on their furniture/ car seats). It is just a theory, but it makes sense. In a depression, it is cheaper to fix/redo what you have than to buy new.
Through the years in doing my line of work, which includes upholstery, and chair seat weaving, wicker repair, etc. has shown me that people won't spend the money to buy a piece of furniture that includes the price of my work on it, (tried buying cheap furniture at yard sales and redoing it, and reselling it). But, if they buy it, or already own it, they will willingly pay me to fix/redo THEIR stuff, at my rates. When I go to yard sales, which is where I have always shopped for EVERYTHING, if I see a piece of furniture which needs to be redone/fixed/reupholstered/caned, I leave my business card on them, and eventually will get the job.
So, my piece of advice for anyone here who is at all handy with anything, is to go into the repairing business, of any kind.
You will get work, in a failing economy.