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Excellent point

I completely agree, Dr. Paul has yet to show his true strength, i.e., the sound understanding of economic policy and constitutional goverance that attracted so many of his early supporters to him before his candidacy was announced. I would also add that on the Daily Show interview, rather than simply acknowledging that there will be a medicaid/medicare/welfare phase out, discuss why the government's intereference in such matters has bred corruption and the enoromous costs on consumers that it has. He can do this eloquently in both the realm of theory and from his experience as a doctor, to make the point even clearer and more personal to the voters. Also, with the acknowledged fear of many neophyte free-market proponents that if you take out the government then corporations will run the world, Dr. Paul has to respond with the fact that they already do run the show and that the government's involvement helps protect them from the market through subsidies and the way our tax system is set up. Keep the market free and the tax code fair and competetion will bring out the services that we need.