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I also think that if Rand Paul can outrise Bunning in the next few weeks and when Paul reaches say 2-6 million, Bunning may decide to drop out. I think Bunning's ultimate decision whether to continue to run is depending on how much money he can raise. he needs to raise 6-10 million he said and he has NO help from McConnel.

State senator Dave Williams and possibly at least one woman may also join in the race, the ex Latvian ambassador though only after Bunning would decide to drop out, so it might be quite a crowded race, which could be good for Paul. In any case, he and his team need to have very good campaign strategy and work very hard, from door to door as he said.

Eventually it would be good if say one congressman from KY could endorse him later, or in any case a few existing congressman and campaign for him, like neighboring congressman John Duncan, who voted against the Iraq war with Dr. Paul and is a friend, gov. Gary Johnson, Barry Goldwater jr. etc.