Comment: Kentucky Libertarian Party Poised to Help Rand Paul

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Kentucky Libertarian Party Poised to Help Rand Paul

From reviewing the website of the Kentucky Libertarian Party website three items indicate that the KY LP is poised to help Rand Paul in his run for the US Senate,

First, the Vice Chair, K. Joshua Koch, wrote in his blog:
"A little disclosure will make this irony quite amusing: I used to be a Republican. I worked for Republican candidates for over a decade. Then, I finally woke up and realized my ideals weren't welcome. In the 2008 General Election, for the first time ever, I didn't vote for a single Republican on the ballot.

Yet, I can think of one potential candidate who might make me vote for him, despite his party. It seems that Rand Paul is mulling a bid for Senate in 2010. I urge anyone liberty-minded to look into him at the PEAC site:

Could Rand make me vote for a Republican? He just might. I hope he decides to run."

Second, from its statewide news page is this: "The focus for 2010 will be local elections, where we can compete at at financial level, and the party can directly be involved in assisting the candidates."

Third, this announcement on the KY LP website:

"Welcome Ron Paul Supporters
As you probably already know, Dr. Ron Paul was the Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party in 1988. As such, it should be no surprise that over 80% of the National LP membership supported Dr. Paul's most-recent run for President. In Kentucky, approximately 95% of LPKY members support Ron Paul.

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky promotes the ideals held by Dr. Paul throughout Kentucky. Since 1976, we have supported freedom-loving candidates at the local, state and federal levels. We are always seeking and supporting candidates for office at all levels to promote freedom and liberty.

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky looks forward to working with the state and local chapters of the newly-formed Campaign for Liberty.

Founded in 1971, The Libertarian Party has been a consistent voice for freedom for over 37 years, and with your support will continue to be that voice for another 37 years and beyond."

I am happy that the libertarians and Libertarians in Kentucky are strategically planning so that Rand Paul will have the best opportunity to be elected.

I have also donated to Rand Paul's Exploratory Committe and am going to donate to the Kentucky Libertarian Party so that they can have a plan "B" ready if the Republican Party fails to nominate Dr. Paul and also so they can elect candidates at the local level in Kentucky.

Peace, prosperity, liberty

George Whitfield
Organizer, Seoul Ron Paul and Libertarian Party Meetup Groups