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Excellent Responses

Missed the debate due to extra-curricular work and just saw the highlights. Wow! I love Ron! When watching him, it hit me why I like him so much; he gets you to think. The other candidates seem to be interested in soundbites or tickling the ears of voters. And they run on a platform of different guy, same old government.

We need a change. What did it take before the colonists revolted against King George? What inspired them? Liberty! Have we become so complacent with government intrusion that we relinquish our will to fight back at the injustices our own government commits? Think of Eisenhower and his quote about the military industrial complex. Well, what do we have today! We must return to a path where individual liberty is the cornerstone of our government and society. Yes, this is a different era, but liberty knows no time.

I truly hope the online polls are indicative of the support that Ron Paul would get in a primary or national election. If so, he'd win in a landlisde.