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Comment: Nice,well thought post Paul

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Nice,well thought post Paul

Nice,well thought post Paul C. Hanson.
It's interesting how such an amendment was passed.It would seem those in office at the time were progressives.Yet the people didn't see the ramifications of the amendment and how it fundamentally changed the structure of the republic instituted.Anyone that studies the history of this country can easily come to the conclusion that we are a shadow of a once great republic.
I would also argue that the 13th amendment to the 27th are illegally ratified.
The fear that the federal government initiated by the "civil war" caused a feeling that the states better agree or else feeling.Add to it the implementation of the military as the government in the southern states after the war and you begin to see that this is what the government does today with other countries,the precedent was set a long time ago.

"All human constitutions are subject to corruption and must perish unless they are timely renewed and reduced to their first principles.'" --Thomas Jefferson

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