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What We Can Do

These venues are almost a complete waste of time and I agree that most voters will not research the candidates and will vote for whoever FOX or CNN puts in front of their face. Ron Paul supporters nationwide must accept that Dr. Paul cannot win over the American public through these so-called 'debates' and the limited media coverage his campaign will see. We must embark on our own campaigns to educate our communities. We have to engage the disenfranchised. We have to speak to young people about a draft, to parents about their children's futures, whatever it takes. We have to alert everyone around us to the liberties we've already lost and just what is at stake. This takes time and effort and we're all busy so it's difficult, but just look back a generation or two at the sacrifices that were made for us and it becomes impossible not to do this. Whatever we can do has to be done and there are no excuses.