Comment: Bring the troops home

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Bring the troops home

I was stunned by the last question where the woman in the audience asked about bringing the troops home from Iraq before a govenerment is setup, otherwise they would just go back to following some terrorist dictator. Hello? Isn't this one of the precepts of nation building? How much of the American public feels this way?

I get the impression that "well we've made a mess over there, so we'd better clean it up before we can come home." If that is the thinking, we'll never come home! And who is to say that even IF we were able to get help the process and establish a solid democratic governement that it couldn't or wouldn't be overthrown at some future point. We must realize that that part of the world thinks very differently than us.

Again, we invaded Iraq for OIL and want to setup a government that is favorable to us and our OIL interests, especially one that involves profit sharing. Iran will be the same thing.

We're not fighting terrorism (which is a tactic as Ron pointed out - NOT the enemy); we're fighting a war to secure our own OIL interests in the Middle East.

When will the American people wake up and realize that we need to get out of there. If Iraq needs help with a governement, take it to the U.N.