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What we must do

Is make the main stream media look so out of touch with what's really going on that they will be embarassed for not putting Ron on their shows and when they do they will have to go overboard to show they are "with it". I wrote to a couple of upstate New York newspapers pointing out that the "new" media (Jon Stewert, Bill Mahr, Dennis Miller and Colbert) are all featuring Ron. I pointed out that the "old" media is so out of touch and so in bed with the establishment candidates that people should be outraged. I think keeping this type of heat up will not only strike those who are erked with traditional media but Americans love an underdog. I also write to all of the media news shows who have not had Ron on (tucker,paula zahn, lou dobbs, face the nation, tim russert etc.) everyday requesting Ron on the show. Also write to those who have had him on and request him again saying you loved the show it was great having someone one with those ideas etc. We need to keep this kind of heat up.