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Comment: My Opinion on Beekeeping Problems.

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My Opinion on Beekeeping Problems.

I was a commercial beekeeper for 20 years, and studied them closely.

Humans could learn something from them. You see, they are a very strict socialist, centralized government type of colonized society.
Which is their problem. Socialism destroys a society, over the long term.

60 thousand honeybees live together in a strong colony. If one gets sick, all of them might catch the same sickness.
Every fall in the northern climates bees get desperate for more Honey to get them through the winter months. This causes robbing Honey from other hives, in many cases.

End result is a Honeybee that becomes a robber catches a virus { there are about 14 known Honeybee viruses } or a bug { Mites of all types } and brings it back to it's home colony,,,,,every bee in the colony is then exposed to this new imported danger. If too many bees get sick the colony cannot maintain enough combined body heat to stay alive in winter and the whole colony dies out.

Again in my opinion, beekeeping is very technical even for the hobbyist so I would advise anyone interested to study, study, study, everything you can about beekeeping before you risk any money on it.

The saying is; A doctor is always practicing { Learning } his profession, I would say the same thing about beekeeping, once you take the plunge you are a practitioner of beekeeping!

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