Comment: Debate questions.

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Debate questions.

M3? I was going too get one for the wife, but the BMW dealer was all out.
Ft. Knox gold? Isn't that stuff just some ancient relic of the past? "We" print money now. How much do you need?
Don't call them gold and silver traders short, that's mean spirited. They are height challenged.
Inflation? We have inflation? Must be big oil's fault.
CPI? Is that the guy from the Star Wars movies?

Enough joking. Let's get serious.

I like your idea Michele, KISS....Keep it simple, stupid.
Sorry to say, but many of the undecided viewers we need to win over in this debate are not well educated or at least not well read.
How do we reach them? We need to talk to them in their own language. What matters most to the average voter is work, rest and play. Keep more money they make at work, have more time to rest and some money to go out and play.
Questions about taxes and freedom will hit them the most. That along with keeping more high paying jobs in this country.
(Note: don't say "great sucking sound" even though it's true)
Pork barrel spending questions work well. Hits on the IRS are good. Just showing Mr. Paul as being sensible will work best. Many people I talk to are looking for a candidate with common sense. Common sense in politics is just not that common today.
Exact questions? I need to sleep on it.