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Update to my last one

tJust got this from some one at Tucker's show:

Hi David,
Thanks for writing Tucker and the show! Tune in at 4pm today to see an interview with Rep. Ron Paul

Talk about encouragement. My suggestion is to simply go to the show websites. All the CNN characters have fill in the blank e-mail forms. (Wolf, Paula, Lou Dobbs) The msnbc crowd (Obermann, Matthews, Tucker) you have to email, and Face the Nation is You'll have to google Russert. I'm playing the Buffalo hometown guy with Russert. Wolf went to University at Buffalo so I'm playing that up. Also, local newspaper opinion ads. I have all the upstate New York major news paper websites. They don't take outright political endorsements but if there is an observation on political events they will.i.e the lack of coverage by the main news outlets of the growing Ron Paul phenom. :)