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Folks, I'm outraged. I know that polls can't be trusted, but why do polls that show overwhelming support for Paul get removed? I'd bet money that a poll showing overwhelming support for Rudy McRomney would be highlighted on every news channel!

This isn't some game with me. I want Paul as my next President! And I show my support by voting for him. Where are the other candidates supporters? Are they not net savvy? I read the comments from the poll and see where many people think that Paul supporters just "spam" the polls and essentially make them useless, hence why they are taken down. I refuse to have anyone in the MSM shove a candidate down my throat because my guy can't win.

Listened to Hannity on the way home yesterday and a caller phoned in to voice support for a candidate named Jim Cox and to have him on his show. Hannity said that he wanted the caller to face reality that "your guy is never going to win". He went on to say that we get hundreds of Paul supporters calling as well. So, in essence, if you have not been ordained by the MSM as a viable candidate, you have a snowball's chance of being elected?

Voter turnout is what, around 30 - 50%. We need anyone and everyone that believes in Paul's message of liberty to get out and vote. Get him on the primary ballots and get him on the national ballot.