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Comment: MOLON LABE!! - There is already a book about such a situation

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MOLON LABE!! - There is already a book about such a situation

Personally I think every Ron Paul supporter should read the book Molon Labe by "Boston T Party" (pen name)

He lays out a step by step program for several thousand freedom seeking individuals retaking a state politically and legally for the interests of freedom, and although the book is fiction, it is highly integrated into what is currently going on in today's society.

The state in question is Wyoming, which is chosen by an exhaustive review process contained within the book for its overall liberty mindset, natural resources, population, demographics, geography, etc..etc..etc..

Here is the excerpt from on the book.
Molon Labe at Amazon

After a decade of retaking their stolen freedoms, the people of Wyoming (many of them newcomers) are forced to finally confront their jealous masters in the U.S. Government. Can a lone, courageous state successfully resist federal tyranny, or has the Bill of Rights been reduced to a myth? Can an allegedly free people act free, or is our liberty just a 4th of July farce?
These issues weigh heavily on the shoulders of Governor James Wayne Preston, a decorated Desert Storm Marine helo pilot. Elected in 2014 on the Laissez-Faire Party ticket, he enjoys nearly full support of the legislature to return Wyoming to a long-lost era of liberty. But how far can he and the people of his state go before Washington, D.C. feels compelled to act? Will Wyoming's free and independent course reach actual secession? Will President Melvin Connor suppress the maverick Western state with federal troops? Will anybody come to Wyoming's aid?

Molon Labe! is a fictional account of a real-world blueprint for a free state initiative focused on Wyoming. If enough freedom-loving individuals will relocate there under a useful pattern, they can "liberate" the Cowboy State on many levels. In Wyoming we could truly enjoy our rights of gun ownership, privacy, schooling, health and diet, unrestricted travel, and property. Boston shows us how it actually can be done!