Comment: At first blush, this is encouraging....BUT

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At first blush, this is encouraging....BUT

Why do we need a law that says, in effect, "OK, that 2nd Amendment thing--we'll we really mean it."?

The 2nd Amendment already has superiority over any state or federal law.

Secondly, it TN really wants to do something right, let them repeal their unconstitutional Handgun Carry Permit, as well as all the taxes, regulations, and requirements that go with it.

Having lived in TN, and having not been very wealthy, I could never afford the Infringement Tax that I was required to pay before I could bear arms.

As to the confiscation of arms, if they'll violate the 2nd Amendment in the course of normal business, what makes us think they won't toss this new law in the trash can at the first sign of trouble?

Jack Pelham
Rule of Law Revolution