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Virtual Debates

This election leaves a great deal of room for creativity. I like the Boston Teaparty, Michigan.

I was wondering also if the Ron Paul video/utube team couldn't put together some "Virtual Debates." Just take opponent's clips...let Ron Paul answer and tag the whole thing Virtual Debates (...since nobody wants to take Ron on.) Utube viewers (peppered with us )could, then, respond politely regarding if they feel the "contenders" answered the questions to our satisfaction. Others would join in.

The contender targeted could then politely be given the opportunity to respond/rebut "real time." We could even "demand" meetups between say Rudy and Paul...other pairings as well. All done politely, gentlemanly, etc. The power of the internet has just begun.

I encourage others to think outside the box. A hundred out of the box ideas ... and Eureka!...some grest ideas will emerge.