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As you probably already know, we acknowledge that there are 4 different peoples on the earth, it is reflected in the colors of our prayer wheels. Black, white, yellow, red... each with thier own strengths and weaknesses. It is the combination of all 4 that balances the earth, so there is no prejudice involved. It is when they do not get along (balance) that problems arise. Personally I've brother and sister kindred spirits of all skin colors, as it should be.

However, this prophecy is rather specific and is the beginning of the emergence of the Fifth world. What roles do the other people play?

It is said that yellow and black (the first to recieve the Light) will initiate a war with white... red will once again be caught in the middle. The fate of the planet, indeed our existence, depends apon what the white people do. They will either (finally) clean thier own house and fix the situation, or it's a big bunch of badness for the unawakened.

This is of course paraphrasing 4 specific prophecies that deal with the Fifth world and our emergence into it. By we I do not mean to imply red only... again, it does not matter what skin color you currently reside in.

In the words of someone far wiser than me, If there is an Armegeddon it is within each of us.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~