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Kaliyug prophecies ~

Great info. Thanks, Devon. Yes, I know you are aware of Ramtha ... that note was for the benefit of others. How interesting that the groups you mentioned had ties to the Hopis!

And now for the Kaliyug prophecies ~

ali Yuga the age of Kali
kaliyug prophecies

This author discusses it from a geopolitical perspective ~ mentioning the CIA, Osama bin Laden, karmic retribution to America, a massive war, the rise of China and India as superpowers.
The Four Yugas or Epochs
The Hindu Concept of 4 Yugas

What Happens Next?

It is predicted that at the end of the Kali Yuga, Lord Shiva shall destroy the universe and all the physical body would undergo a great transformation. After such dissolution, Lord Brahma would recreate the universe and mankind will become the 'Beings of Truth' once again.