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i'm a baptist

I'm a baptist and I'm not for HUCKABEE!! when a "Christian" Pastor can get up in front of thousands of people and say its ok to go to war , after he admits its a mistake on national tv, and say you should stay in it even tho it was a mistake, is JUST WRONG! so Huckabee in his exchange with Ron Paul says it was wrong to go to war in Iraq.. but its ok to stay there and let another 5000 Americans and more hundreds of thousands of Iraqis Die because were in it?? Mr. Huckabee needs to revisite Vietnam! 50,000 men dead so that we can be trading partners with them 33 years later?. sorry Mr. Huckabee that is not true Christianity! War should be avoided at all costs! the time we as the American people go to war is when Army's are in landing craft storming our beeches! THEN EVERYONE GOES! and we wonder why we are so hated in the world.. we wonder why the terrorist organizations are growing. They have many more recruits because of our foriegn policy! its so simple folks all you have to do is think for yourselves.. don't let others do the thinking for you!