Comment: I don't understand sometimes.

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I don't understand sometimes.

We have an amazing amount of intelligent, talented, well-read people on this website. If you look through the topics, the sheer breadth and scope of knowledge is simply amazing. We are probably more well-versed here on economics than any other webiste on the planet.

Yet nobody thinks that our central bank has an exit strategy? A bank that is well aware that it is a mathematical certainy that a fiat system WILL crash, because it has to? A bank that knows almost EXACTLY where its own tipping point is?

It is TIME for the Fed to go... and it will be on thier terms. They will go, the American public will get thier pound of flesh in highly-televised splendour... and we will be paying the same debt to the same people at the same bank, with a different name.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~