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And it all falls in line. My theory is that the THREE major rulers today are the POPE... the QUEEN... and the KHAZAR king (Rothschild puppet in Israel aka Netanyahu) I have also concluded that these people DO NOT TRUST each other because they DO NOT LOVE each other. You CAN NOT love without TRUSTING. Thus, they are not only at WAR with US but with EACH OTHER. The VATICAN seems to be at odds with the KHAZAR king right now and that is why you see SO MANY co-sponsors for HR1207... that is because the VATiCAN is buying them off! Remember, the ROThS CHILD's supported McPAIN in the ELXshun.

Problem is that whether it is the ROTsCHILDs FED or something NEW by the VATiCAN it will not be any better for us. THEY are two peas in a poD. The VATiCAN OWNS the legal system through a company called UNIDROIT.... the USA pays them every year to use the UCC (Uniform Commission Code) UNIDROIT swaps employees with the UN constantly. Thus, the VATICAN is seeking TOTAL domination of the WORLD both LEGALLY and FINANCIALLY and they are using Obama to bring about THEIR ONE WORLD CURRENCY and ONE WORLD RELIGION...

As I see it... their ALLIANCE is breaking down and from that will come some MAJOR EVENTS and each move their pawns accross the chessboard we call the WORLD. I have said it in previous posts and in my videos that END THE FED is their motto as well. In this video I mention that at the end:

Obama is in deep shiite here though because a planetary alignment is occurring as I type... Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron (Plutos moon). This alignment has occurred TWICE in recorded history and both times the US PRez died... Garfield was shot and FDR died. Add in this video where it sounds to me like Obama is asking Satan to shoot him:
and HELLary talked about RFK gettin blasted in June

The VATiCAN has the power here because they OWN the new GATE called CERN and possibly have an active window into another dimension in ROME. However, the ROTSCHILD's have TRILLIONS of dollars and the QUEEN commands MASSIVE power over all the PARLIEMENTS around the world that SHE controls. But if the financial system tanks and dollars are worth NOTHING that would take much of the ROTsCHILDS power away... leaving the QUEEN and the POPE to RULE. Remember, many believe that the USA and BRITAIN are biblically connected....

Israel WILL NOT go down without a fight.... this video bugged me out... About Netanyahu being the AntiChrist

So as far as I see it the players have been chosen and the game is afoot.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?