Comment: They haven't even begun to fight back

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They haven't even begun to fight back

Um, I'm thinking this thing is going to end ugly. It doesn't take too much imagination to conclude the Fed owners view their power as divine right. Same as every other dictator. I'm sure they've got what they believe are iron clad contracts which give them claim to 100+% of the wealth in the US. Think about it, they've been enabling 90 years of government irresponsibility. A politician will sell his whole family to the devil to get reelected. Who doesn't think the Fed have been building up a volume of agreements with the Federal government?

The people who would be exposed have no intention of ever allowing that to happen. They'll do whatever it takes. They've done it before and they'll do it again. I'm sure there're plans which have been long in the making to deal with this situation. It probably involves blackmail, assassinations, and false flag terrorism. If the audit bill does pass there will be some viscous acts of violence.

The first sign something is wrong will be when the Fed stops cooperating with the government's spending plans. If the Fed stops inflating then the US immediately has cataclysmic problems.